Charlie Sheen’s Fiancée Is Trying to Erase Her X-Rated Past—Changes Name

Sugar Baby Brett Rossi is Trying to Erase her PastChar­lie Sheen’s young fiancée, who was once an adult film star, wants to put her past behind her once and for all before walk­ing down the aisle with her famous older man. So, she’s offi­cially changed her first name to Scot­tine, her birth name, and she’s taken on Sheen’s last name, even though the celebrity cou­ple won’t be mar­ried for another few months.

I’m try­ing to leave my porn past behind me and start liv­ing as me,” the soon-to-be Mrs. Sheen, 24, told Us Weekly, adding that Sheen, 48, is the one who encour­aged her to make the big change.

The younger woman went on to say that she never expected the name Brett Rossi would get so big and unless she for­mally changed it, peo­ple would never stop ref­er­enc­ing her porn star past. “Every­one has a past and a story, but my past does not define who I am as a per­son,” con­tin­ued Scot­tine Sheen. “Now, I’m prepar­ing to be a wife, a step-mommy and start­ing a fresh chap­ter in my life.”

Char­lie Sheen pro­posed to his younger woman in Feb­ru­ary 2014 and the celebrity cou­ple is report­edly plan­ning to marry in Novem­ber 2014. It sounds like their mar­riage is already off to a good start. But will it last? We com­mend Char­lie Sheen’s fiancée for tak­ing her new role as a wife and step­mother seri­ously, but let’s be hon­est, her soon-to-be hus­band doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to mar­riage. Nonethe­less, here’s hop­ing he’s a changed man.

What do you think: Would you take your fiancé’s last name before you’re actu­ally married?


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Photo Credit: Twit­ter