Clint Eastwood and Dina Ruiz,35-Year Age Difference

Clint Eastwood Sugar Daddy and Dina Ruiz Relationship

Clint Eastwood Sugar Daddy and Dina Ruiz RelationshipIf there is such a thing as Hol­ly­wood Roy­alty, Clint East­wood is it. Born in 1930 in San Fran­cisco, Cal­i­for­nia, East­wood is best known as an actor, direc­tor, pro­ducer, com­poser, and politician.

For Unfor­given and Mil­lion Dol­lar Baby, East­wood won Acad­emy Awards for Best Direc­tor and Pro­ducer of the Best Pic­ture, as well as receiv­ing nom­i­na­tions for Best Actor.

East­wood met his cur­rent wife Dina Ruiz in March 1993 when she was inter­view­ing him for KNAZ-TV in Flagstaff, Ari­zona.  She is 35 years his junior, but the two were mar­ried on March 31, 1996. After their wed­ding, Dina com­mented “The fact that I am only the sec­ond woman he has mar­ried really touches me.” (Source: Clint East­wood, “Bil­lion Dol­lar Man,” by Dou­glas Thomp­son, 2005, page 229.)

How has Ruiz been able to tame East­wood, who’s had seven chil­dren with five dif­fer­ent women? “We’ve had a zero-resistance relationship—no drama. We were nat­u­rally drawn to each other and have never bro­ken up or had affairs.” (Source:, “Dina East­wood Opens Up About ‘Mrs. East­wood & Com­pany’ and Life With Clint,” May 16, 2012,

In Sep­tem­ber 2013, Ruiz revealed that she and her older hus­band had been sep­a­rated for quite some time. She even­tu­ally filed for a legal sep­a­ra­tion from East­wood, who was rumored to be dat­ing her ex’s ex-wife.

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The relationship started innocently enough—like many, it grew from a platonic, working relationship. He was a well-respected, prominent business man with a seemingly perfect life, a wife, children who had grown up to be successful adults, and a religious upbringing. I was a 30-year-old college graduate, up-and-coming executive, and a single, working mother with an adorable toddler son, and a not-so-adorable, slowly dying, five-year relationship with my son’s biological father. On the first clear day of spring, he asked if I’d like to go get a breath of fresh air. We met in a park on the shore of Lake Michigan, and it was there, sitting on a bench together, that I learned his age. He was, as my father would say, “double-nickels.” This 55-year-old man, handsome, well-dressed, with just a sprinkle of gray near his temples, and the calmest, clearest blue eyes, was the most enticing man I’d ever laid eyes (or soon hands) upon in my life! For years, I invested my efforts trying to nurture a relationship with a man my age, giving him 100%; and in return, I received lies, mental abuse, and rough, emotionless sex, and my son received emotional neglect. And yet there, in the matter of a few minutes on a park bench and over the course of just a few short months, “Double-Nickels” showed me the most unimaginable care and kindness through his touch and his soft-spoken nature, his intellect and his genuine interest in what I had to say. Today, more than 10 years later, after facing our share of obstacles, we are happily married and socially accepted by our family, and our local and business communities. His adult children are cordial; my family (most especially my father) loves my husband and, best of all, he was able to legally adopt my son—our son, who is now a teenager! Love doesn’t pick an age; it picks a person.

  • BZ

    And yet she is the lucky one. :)

  • Michael Her­skovic

    bio­log­i­cally there are no rules regard­ing pair bond­ing. only in peo­ples warped minds is this an issue

  • Robert F

    Robert M you are wrong. I am 30 years older than my wife. I am 52 she is 22. I am not rich, I live in an apart­ment in Seat­tle make under 100K a year but she love me for me and she is happy. She had a few suit­ors before, under and bet­ter off, she chose me because of love. So you see it is not all about money.

    • eroteme1

      Dream on.

    • raychel94

      I bet you pay all the bills?

  • daspencer7

    What do they got that I don’t got? The young women just look at me as a lech­er­ous old fart.…oh, yeah.…might be the bank account.…

    • Mike Brat­ton

      maybe you are an old lech­er­ous old fart, did you look at any­thing besides her crouch.

      • Allen Ruby


    • Cameo

      Most men over 50 are “dirty old men”.…they don’t want to “lose” their sex­ual abil­ity which is inevitable. From there is Via­gra: God help us all! The older the nas­tier and the more sex becomes a JOB for the woman. Ever won­der why women don’t want sex as much as men? Because men don’t know how to do it! And, there are many “not so well endowed”, 2 minute men out there. Sorry, but true.

  • Poppy Haynes

    I am glad they are happy.

  • Trisha

    Money or no money, no way does an 82 year old appeal to me. Sorry, Clint, you’ll have to just move on.…lol

  • Trisha

    What­ever you say, Robert F.

  • simpletony1

    Oh no. Love this guy and his choice of a Ruiz, some of the best stuff. Feel­ings, there­fore mouths are hard to con­trol sans wis­dom that should be there in spades. Love ‘em both!

  • jim

    He loves his chair more at best he talked to it more.tha;ts the way of old mad men !

  • Matt West

    Yep, this is why being rich and famous is a good thing.

    Robert F, you are my hero.

  • jose colombo

    My wife was 23 yrs older than me. We were not rich. Our mar­riage lasted for 30 beau­ti­ful years, she passed away. So, there is always a chance that it may be love.

  • drx1

    Lots of mar­riages fail, even when the cou­ple is of sim­i­lar age…

  • eroteme1

    Money can come in handy. There may be greater finan­cial ben­e­fit for Dina after her divorce.

  • raychel94

    Just to think in a few years she will be look­ing for a new husband..

  • rob­tal

    Love always has strings espe­cially roman­tic lust sorry I mean love.

  • Twist­edTweet

    He’s really old, and who cares, really.

  • cobalt100

    The first time my wife and I went to see a Clint East­wood movie was the last time my wife and I went to see a Clint East­wood movie. All of his movies are choked full of him­self. He never seems to lose him­self. He’d be bet­ter off find­ing a col­lege stu­dent whose major is in Archeology.

    • Cameo

      Are you 14 or 15? Ever see a Bruce Willis or Tom Cruise film? Silly and sopho­moric crap. Clint has good scripts/good direction/photography and in gen­eral a “message”.….you obvi­ously missed. (i.e., Grand Torino/Play Misty for Me). Check it out.

  • Cameo

    I mar­ried 2 older men: one 20 years older and one 18 years older. As I matured into my 30’s/40’s I was BORED and in gen­eral the mar­riage was “sex­less”. I wasted my beauty and youth only to end up in my 60’s now and very alone w/o fam­ily or friends my own age. I was, am, depressed, when I feel I should be enjoy­ing the last 2 decades of my life. PS first hus­band was wealthy, sec­ond one not: Money takes care of many of the prob­lems and cares in life. As they say: Rich is bet­ter, it takes up the slack for mis­ery.
    Older poor men become BABIES and want a MAMA.….sooner.