Clint Eastwood Fails Again—Second Wife Files for Legal Separation

Clint Eastwood Sugar Daddy Fails Again for Legal SeparationClint Eastwood’s young estranged wife offi­cially wants out of their 17-year mar­riage. Dina Ruiz, 48, has filed for legal sep­a­ra­tion from her famous 83-year-old hus­band. She also wants spousal sup­port and is ask­ing for phys­i­cal cus­tody of the celebrity couple’s teenage daugh­ter, Mor­gan. With regards to their prop­erty and assets, it will be divided as per their “pre­mar­i­tal agree­ment.” Ruiz’s lawyer refused to com­ment on whether or not the celebrity cou­ple would be head­ing for a legal divorce.

Ruiz recently con­firmed that she and East­wood really hadn’t been together for a while, but she filed for legal sep­a­ra­tion after pho­tos sur­faced of East­wood get­ting close to Ruiz’s ex-boyfriend’s ex-wife. So far, there has been no con­nec­tion between Eastwood’s new younger woman, and the legal dis­so­lu­tion of his marriage.

For­tu­nately for East­wood, the celebrity cou­ple has a prenup in place, should their mar­riage end in divorce. Had they for­gone a prenup, Ruiz would have been enti­tled to half of what­ever East­wood earned while they were mar­ried. That’s not say­ing that Ruiz won’t receive a hefty sum of money, but it report­edly won’t be enough to put a dent in Eastwood’s $375 mil­lion fortune.


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