The Secret to Getting Treated Like a Princess By an Older, Wealthier Man

My son had grad­u­ated high school. I knew my mar­riage was com­ing to a quick close. My hus­band and I had already begun to talk about separating.

It had been three weeks since I had laid eyes on the older man in the Stet­son hat who I met at the Ken­tucky Derby. We spoke on the phone sev­eral times, but he seemed to be court­ing me through phone con­ver­sa­tions with my best friend. The two of them had spent hours on the phone, and she would relay the infor­ma­tion to me. It seemed odd. But he was much older than I was—25 years to be exact. Maybe this was court­ing in his generation?

My friend was keenly aware that I was grow­ing short on patience. I knew I only had the sum­mer to close the deal. I would be divorced soon and would never be able to sup­port the lav­ish lifestyle I had become accus­tomed to. She pushed for a meet­ing. He agreed. The plans were set. We would all meet back in Louisville, Ken­tucky. His attor­ney made our travel arrangements—twice to be pre­cise. The first ones did not suit my friend as they did not include first-class seats. The man in the Stet­son hat and his attor­ney would meet us at the hotel and casino, as they would be fly­ing in on his pri­vate jet.

I was a ner­vous wreck. I didn’t know what to expect. I had my own hotel room. Did he have a room, too? How would the sleep­ing arrange­ments end up? I shopped for new clothes, vis­ited the nail salon, had my hair col­ored to hide any grays, and fresh­ened up my Botox. I tried to stay busy with my to-do list to calm my nerves.

I am sure I drove my friend crazy with phone calls to dis­cuss every pos­si­bil­ity. She seemed to know him bet­ter than I did. I took most of my cues from her at this point. I boarded the plane, ordered a drink to calm my nerves, and thought about a future with the man in the Stet­son hat.

It was a quick ride to Ken­tucky. I rented a car and drove to the hotel. My friend would not be able to join us until the fol­low­ing morn­ing, which meant I had the first night with­out her assis­tance. I felt a bit lost. After a quick shower and call home to be sure all was well, I decided to wait for the man in the Stet­son hat in the casino. Play­ing black­jack always seemed to com­fort me. I could get lost in the excite­ment of the table and for­get the inevitable.

My phone rang. They had arrived and din­ner was on the agenda. I was the first one to the restau­rant. I anx­iously sat down and waited. My wait was short. The man in the Stet­son walked in with a huge grin on his face and sat next to me. He imme­di­ately kissed me. I was a bit taken aback, as his attor­ney was sit­ting on the other side of me.

We made small talk through­out din­ner. They told a few sto­ries about each other, and the time passed quickly. He seemed older than I remem­bered, though. What would he expect in a few hours? I kept remind­ing myself of his finan­cial means. But could I do what he would expect?

We played a few hours of black­jack. The Stet­son man would turn to me and peri­od­i­cally kiss me. He decided it was time for us to be alone. Where was my friend? I needed a pep talk now more than ever.

He grabbed my hand and led me across the casino to the hotel. We headed for the ele­va­tors. He pulled out his room key. I knew at this point that he had his own room. He opened the door to his room and led me in. I sat on the desk chair; he sat on the bed. We talked for a bit. I asked him a few direct ques­tions, includ­ing what would hap­pen if I fell in love with him. He told me not to, as he was married.

At that moment, I thought maybe I was mak­ing a mis­take. Maybe he wasn’t look­ing for any­thing long-term. He con­tin­ued. He said he was at a point in his life that his desires would now come first. He had put his busi­ness, wife, and chil­dren before him­self. He would no longer sac­ri­fice his own needs. I won­dered, was I that desire? Would I be the fix for that need?

We kissed. I thought about play­ing a lit­tle hard-to-get. Between kisses I talked of going to my own room. He removed his shirt. He laid me on the bed and began to remove my cloth­ing. I resisted slightly. I wasn’t sure what to expect or just how much he was into me. I cer­tainly didn’t want to appear too easy. I was a lit­tle ner­vous about being with some­one of his age. Up to that point, I wasn’t sure if I had ever seen a naked man of his age.

After a few more half attempts to resist, I gave in. I was relieved. He was indeed the best lover I had expe­ri­enced. I could eas­ily become addicted to this man and his lifestyle. I had to be care­ful not to play my cards too quickly. It was far too soon to close the deal. I didn’t stay the night with him. Instead, I went to my own room. I wanted him to miss me, and I think he did.

After my friend arrived the next morn­ing, we vis­ited some of the most pres­ti­gious horse farms in the area. We had our pic­tures taken with multi-million-dollar horses. These thor­ough­breds live bet­ter than most peo­ple. The lav­ish­ness of these farms was beyond imagination.

The man in the Stet­son hat had huge buy­ing power. The own­ers of the farms were well aware of his abil­ity, and we were treated like roy­alty. I was in awe. How­ever, we learned a les­son about wear­ing san­dals and walk­ing on cob­ble­stones. It isn’t advised.

Our evening con­sisted of din­ner at Morton’s and more black­jack. I was begin­ning to feel very com­fort­able in his pres­ence. He treated me like a princess. He was con­stantly touch­ing me. His hand rested on me knee through­out din­ner and again at the black­jack table. We were laugh­ing and hav­ing a big time at the table, when he decided he wanted alone time with me. This time I wasn’t ner­vous; instead, I was filled with anticipation.

Back in his room, I didn’t resist. I was very into him. He excited me as no man had before. I was eager to be alone with this very afflu­ent man. It was the per­fect evening, with the moon­light shin­ing through the slightly parted drapes. In the mid­dle of love­mak­ing, he looked into my eyes and said, “I love you.” It truly was per­fect! I could now begin to close the deal.