Condom Company Reveals Results From Sex Study (Shocking!)

Condom CompanyImag­ine you and your older man are enjoy­ing a roman­tic night in, cel­e­brat­ing your May-December romance in the bed­room, when you hear your phone buzzing on the nightstand—do you answer it? You might be say­ing no, but accord­ing to a study out of the U.K., a lot of adults are guilty of let­ting their smart­phones and gad­gets get in the way of their sex life.

The study, which was car­ried out by Durham University’s Cen­tre for Sex, Gen­der and Sex­u­al­i­ties, ana­lyzed data from in-depth inter­views with cou­ples of var­i­ous class, age, and eth­nic­ity who had been together for at least a year. Accord­ing to the find­ings, 40% of them admit­ted to putting off sex because of tech­nol­ogy, mainly their smart­phones and tablets, and oth­ers admit­ted to rush­ing through sex so that they could check their mes­sages. What’s worse, over a third of the par­tic­i­pat­ing cou­ples admit­ted that they’ve answered the phone in the mid­dle of sex. So while it might sound absurd to let your phone get in the way of inti­macy in your May-December romance, it’s not that far-fetched, because it seems to really be hap­pen­ing in a lot of relationships.

In light of this study, pop­u­lar con­dom com­pany Durex—who obvi­ously has a vested inter­est in peo­ple hav­ing more sex—recently set out to try and fig­ure out how cou­ples can incor­po­rate gad­gets like smart­phones to enhance indi­vid­u­als’ sex lives. What they dis­cov­ered will actu­ally work per­fectly for your May-December romance. This solu­tion can not only improve your sex life, but it’s also free and works on every sin­gle type and brand of device—it’s called the power but­ton. In other words, turn off your phone!

After con­sult­ing count­less experts, aca­d­e­mic research and qual­i­ta­tive inter­views, the solu­tion turned out to be a straight­for­ward one—we should dis­con­nect to recon­nect,” explained Durex’s Head of Global Brand Equity.

How would you feel if your older man stopped mid-thrust to check his text mes­sages? Not a pleas­ant feel­ing, is it? If you turn off your phone for a lit­tle while, you won’t be miss­ing anything—it’ll all still be there when you turn it back on. If you really can’t deal with turn­ing it off, then at least leave it out of the bed­room. Put it on silent and leave it in another room so you’re not get­ting dis­tracted by it. After all, doesn’t your May-December romance deserve your undi­vided atten­tion, at least in the bedroom?

If your older man is the one who’s addicted to his smart­phone or tablet and you feel like it’s get­ting in the way of your May-December romance or even just your sex life, then speak up. Tell him hon­estly how it makes you feel and that out of respect for you and your rela­tion­ship, you’d like for him to keep it out of the bed­room. If he can’t do that much for you, then you might want to reeval­u­ate why you’re with him.


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