Country Star Jason Aldean Now Dating the Younger Mistress Who Destroyed His Marriage

Amer­i­can Idol con­tes­tant Katharine McPhee may have been able to sal­vage her mar­riage after she was caught kiss­ing another man (her Smash direc­tor Michael Mor­ris), but not all cheat­ing scan­dals end that way.

Back in 2012, coun­try singer Jason Aldean, 37, was caught kiss­ing for­mer NBA cheer­leader Brit­tany Kerr at a bar—Kerr, now 25, also hap­pened to be a con­tes­tant on Amer­i­can Idol. Aldean admit­ted that he “screwed up” after get­ting drunk and “let the party get out of hand.” He claimed it was a one­time deal and that was the end of it—but was it, really?

Brit­tany Kerr also acknowl­edged the cheat­ing scan­dal via her pub­li­cist, say­ing that her actions were “not a rep­re­sen­ta­tion of my true char­ac­ter, but a lapse in judg­ment on my part.” She apol­o­gized to every­one who was affected by her actions.

Aldean’s wife of almost 12 years, Jes­sica Ussery, still took him back, despite the scan­dal and media scrutiny sur­round­ing their mar­riage. But her patience was short-lived, because in May 2013, the celebrity cou­ple finally ended their mar­riage and filed for divorce.

Los­ing his wife—the mother of his two kids and the woman he was with since they were teenagers—must not have been too hard for Jason Aldean, because he’s now dat­ing the younger mis­tress who came between them. Brit­tany Kerr was spot­ted at his show in Austin back in Jan­u­ary 2014, and at his recent L.A. concert.

Aldean’s rep has con­firmed that the celebrity cou­ple is offi­cially together now, but didn’t spec­ify how long their May-December rela­tion­ship has been going on. While there’s a chance that he recon­nected with the mis­tress after his mar­riage ended, there’s prob­a­bly a bet­ter chance that they had kept in touch, if not more, since that night at the bar. But we’ll never really know for sure.

What do you think: What would you do if you found that your ex-husband was now dat­ing the younger woman he cheated on you with?


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