Is Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison’s May-December Marriage Already in Trouble?

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison RelationshipThe rea­son 18-year-old Court­ney Stod­den is really famous right now—aside from her DD chest and risqué style—is the fact that she’s mar­ried to 53-year-old actor Doug Hutchi­son. The two shocked the world when they tied the knot when he was 51 and she was only 16. Since mak­ing Stod­den his wife, Hutchi­son has hardly ever left her side, but he’s being forced to loosen the reigns because Stod­den has just signed on to par­tic­i­pate in the U.K. edi­tion of the real­ity series Celebrity Big Brother, and the pro­duc­ers have made it very clear that they don’t want Hutchi­son around. They report­edly want Stod­den sans her older hubby because they feel like his celebrity sta­tus will over­shadow Stodden.

Celebrity Big Brother is basi­cally about a bunch of C-list celebri­ties who have to live under the same roof for about three months and are con­tin­u­ously being recorded on cam­era. There are weekly “evic­tions” and the last one stand­ing takes home a cash prize.

This is the first time Stod­den has trav­eled out of the U.S. and although she’s ner­vous about mov­ing into the Big Brother house, she’s excited that she’ll actu­ally be able to drink—the legal drink­ing age in the U.K. is 18, ver­sus 21 in the U.S., where Stod­den is still under­age. This could spell dis­as­ter for Hutchi­son, since his young wife has never really had the chance to expe­ri­ence the party lifestyle. “As the legal drink­ing age is 21 in Amer­ica, Court­ney has never done the party scene or had the col­lege lifestyle expe­ri­ence, so it will all be new to her,” a source told Daily Mail. In other words, she’ll be free to do what­ever she wants.

With this new TV endeavor, Stod­den will have to put her mar­riage on hold, includ­ing the sex ther­apy ses­sions she’s being doing with her hus­band. The celebrity cou­ple recently revealed that they’re par­tak­ing in a pro­gram to improve one big prob­lem with their sex life—she wants more of it because, as she puts it, she’s “young and horny.”

What do you think: Will Doug Hutchi­son and Court­ney Stodden’s mar­riage sur­vive her Big Brother stint?


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  • Melissa Knight-Lee

    That girl is so gross, For an 18 year old she looks like crap lol. I dont see what the appeal of her older hus­band is as he is far from attrac­tive, but i guess money is like beer googles, put the blind­ers on and away you go!

  • Kassy Clem

    She just wants one big emo­tional daddy. It won’t last as soon as she gets fame or grows up. Hol­ly­wierd just keeps get­tin’ wierder and wierder. And we pay to see these per­verts? Something’s wrong with this picture!

  • mlzorb .

    I fear she will become the next Dorothy Strat­ton story — her hus­band is just plain ‘creepy’! …and shame on her fame-whoring par­ents for allow­ing this rela­tion­ship, in the first-place. Wrong on so many levels.