Courtney Stodden Is Releasing an Educational Sex Tape with Her Sugar Daddy Husband

Courtney Stodden Sex tape Her Sugar DaddyCourt­ney Stod­den swamped head­lines in 2011 when, at the young age of 16, she mar­ried 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchi­son. Since turn­ing 18 last August, the busty teen wife has been offered count­less porn deals, but she’s turned them all down, includ­ing the most recent offer: up to $5.0 mil­lion to do two 15-minute solo scenes. Even though she wouldn’t have had to have sex with another indi­vid­ual, she still insisted that porn wasn’t the direc­tion she wanted to go in. How­ever, that doesn’t mean she won’t be in front of the camera.

The celebrity cou­ple will be releas­ing their very own sex tape, but it won’t be just any sex tape—theirs will be edu­ca­tional. Hutchi­son and Stod­den have report­edly been work­ing with “for­ni­ca­tion spe­cial­ists” to com­plete the video, which is expected to be released later this week. The video—aptly titled Pas­sion and Plea­sure—will include advice from Stod­den and her sugar daddy on sex, love, and how to make a mar­riage work, although we’re not sure if it’s advice for age-gap cou­ples or just mar­riages in general.

While Stod­den will be appear­ing in the video with her sugar daddy, there won’t actu­ally be any scenes of them hav­ing sex. But if you’re curi­ous about what their sex life is like, they have no prob­lem talk­ing about it. The celebrity cou­ple revealed that they’ve dropped from hav­ing sex once a day to once a week, but the chem­istry is still very much a part of their rela­tion­ship. “When we come together it’s beau­ti­ful, and I just want more of that,” said Hutchi­son, adding, “It’s extremely pas­sion­ate, it’s not like wham, bam, thank you ma’am!” That being said, sex is the one thing Stod­den would change about their relationship—she wants more of it. “I’m young and horny,” she said. It sounds like Hutchi­son might be hav­ing a hard time keep­ing up with his sugar baby wife.

What do you think: Would you watch Court­ney Stod­den and Doug Hutchison’s edu­ca­tional video?


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  • Melissa Knight-Lee

    This girl lit­er­ally makes me want to vomit in my mouth. She is 18…what does she know about sex and relationships.…or any­thing else for that matter.

  • Jane Austen

    No, I wouldn’t watch their tape. Don’t know who they are, but do know he’s a pedophile and she’s a woman who was abused as a child and can’t come to terms with it. He should be in prison. She should be in psych ward. Wel­come to America.