Courtney Stodden’s Shopping Around For a New House (and a New Sugar Daddy!)

Courtney Stodden Around For a New Sugar DaddyBack in 2011, actor Doug Hutchi­son shocked the world when he mar­ried his much younger girl­friend, Court­ney Stodden—the busty blonde was only 16 years old at the time. For the next two years, the celebrity cou­ple insisted that they were so much in love that they didn’t care about their 35-year age difference.

While Hutchi­son was dropped by his agent and dis­owned by many of his fam­ily mem­bers, his teen wife enjoyed a steady rise to fame. Not sur­pris­ingly, the celebrity cou­ple announced in Novem­ber 2013 that they were pulling the plug on their mar­riage. But this wasn’t an ordi­nary split. Because Hutchi­son was Stodden’s hus­band and co-manager, they decided to con­tinue liv­ing under the same roof, just in sep­a­rate bed­rooms. The celebrity cou­ple main­tained that their breakup was ami­ca­ble and that they would con­tinue to be “best friends for life.”

It turns out that friend­ship may have been short-lived, because the celebrity cou­ple has since decided that liv­ing together isn’t going to work anymore—well, sort of. “She moved into the stu­dio apart­ment next door to the house she and Doug rented together. But Doug still lives in the main house,” an insider told Cele­buzz. Because the celebrity cou­ple isn’t divorced yet, they’re sup­pos­edly going to try this new arrange­ment “until they fig­ure out how they want to pro­ceed with things.”

It’s prob­a­bly a wise move for Stod­den, who has admit­ted that she’s ready to enjoy her new life as a hot, sin­gle 19-year-old. The teen has already been spot­ted out with a cou­ple of new guys—such as 53-year-old PR mogul Edward Lozzi and 35-year-old tal­ent man­ager David Weintraub—and it’s a lit­tle hard to start dat­ing again when you have to come home to your ex-husband. Plus, Stod­den is start­ing to take more con­trol of her own career. She’s report­edly in talks to star in her own real­ity show, along with a few other projects. So, while Hutchi­son fades even more into the back­ground, it sounds like we’ll be see­ing a lot more of his soon-to-be-ex-wife.

What do you think: Who should Court­ney Stod­den date next?


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Photo Credit: s_bukley /