David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts, 27-Year Age Difference

David Hasselhoff Sugar Daddy and Hayley Roberts Relationship

David Hasselhoff Sugar Daddy and Hayley Roberts RelationshipDavid Has­sel­hoff is “hooked on a feel­ing.” Born in 1952, Has­sel­hoff wears many hats as an actor, singer, pro­ducer, and a busi­ness­man. Despite his many titles, he is best known for his role as Michael Knight in the series Knight Rider and as swarthy L.A. County life­guard Mitch Buchan­non in the series Bay­watch.

Since the mid 1980s, Has­sel­hoff has also had a suc­cess­ful music career. Three of his albums have gone num­ber one in Aus­tria, and one has in Ger­many, and one in Switzer­land. In 2012, Has­sel­hoff released his 18th album This Time Around.

Twice divorced, Has­sel­hoff is cur­rently dat­ing British siren Hay­ley Roberts. 27 years his junior, the cou­ple met at a hotel bar in Cardiff in 2010. Hay­ley and her sis­ter saw other peo­ple get­ting their pic­ture taken with him, so they went over and asked for one, too. After pos­ing for a pic­ture, David asked if she was A) sin­gle, and B) wanted to go on a date.

Three years later and the cou­ple is busy jet­ting around the world, split­ting their time between homes in L.A. and the U.K.

  • faboge

    take your grand daugh­ter out week!

  • faboge

    its either that or we have some sorry a@@s gold dig­gers out!

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.darian David Dar­ian

    She looks great for her age. Leave David alone, he needs “parental guidance”.

  • brandonjohns81

    David Dar­ian, do you mean HE looks great for his age? Roberts is the younger one.

  • Truth Bombs

    Is it 27 or 37 years?! Lets at least get the facts straight! Either way, rock on DH!

  • Aftab Noorani

    He looks like a nice fellow

  • Melissa Knight-Lee

    She looks good for being in her 30’s but when she cakes on the makeup she looks like she is 10 years older. Has­sel­hoff has always been decent look­ing to me, ever since knight rider.

  • Rebecca

    Don’t tell a Welsh per­son that Cardiff is in England.

  • Eve DeVin­ney

    My dear man has been gone many years now. I never found any­one who could replace him. You don’t date an age…you are attracted by the soul, hope­fully.
    It’s rare. Sorry we didn’t have more time together. I live with beau­ti­ful memories.