Dean McDermott Comes Clean About His Dirty Little Lies

Dean McDer­mott has finally fessed up to cheat­ing on his wife, Tori Spelling—well, sort of. A month after being accused of hav­ing an affair with a younger woman, the actor has released a state­ment apol­o­giz­ing for the “mis­takes” he’s made and for the pain he’s caused his fam­ily. “I take full respon­si­bil­ity for my actions and have vol­un­tar­ily checked myself into a treat­ment cen­ter to address some health and per­sonal issues,” said McDermott.

Although he didn’t spec­ify what exactly those issues were, insid­ers have claimed that he’s get­ting help for a sex addic­tion, which is sup­pos­edly why he had the affair. And not just this one—he’s report­edly had numer­ous affairs through­out his seven-year mar­riage to Spelling. And not to men­tion the fact that he cheated on his first wife, actress Mary Jo Eustace, with Spelling, who was also mar­ried at the time.

Eustace released a state­ment of her own, wish­ing her ex-husband well and hop­ing that he’s able to “over­come the demons he has been wrestling with for many years, so he can become the father and the man I know he wants to be.”

Eustace has been very vocal about her strug­gle to come to terms with her hus­band sud­denly leav­ing her for a younger woman whom he described as his “soul­mate.” She even doc­u­mented the whole heart­break­ing ordeal in her tell-all, self-help book, Divorce Sucks: What to do when irrec­on­cil­able dif­fer­ences, lawyer fees, and your ex’s Hol­ly­wood wife make you mis­er­able, in which Eustace describes the day she came face-to-face with her husband’s mis­tress, or as she puts it, “the woman who helped destroy your family.”

Spelling has yet to make any com­ments about her hus­band or the state of their mar­riage, but she’s pre­sum­ably shook up. Then again, as the say­ing goes, what goes around comes around, right?

What do you think: Should Tori Spelling leave Dean McDer­mott, or does he deserve a sec­ond chance?


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