Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington, 17-Year Age Difference

Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington Relationship

Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington RelationshipDen­nis Quaid has his brother to thank for a suc­cess­ful career in the spot­light. After watch­ing his brother win an Oscar, Quaid decided to drop out of uni­ver­sity and move to Hol­ly­wood to chase his own act­ing dreams. Although he strug­gled to get noticed, Quaid man­aged to land his first cred­ited movie role in 1977’s I Never Promised You a Rose Gar­den. Although he starred in a cou­ple other movies, it wasn’t until two years later that he really started to get people’s atten­tion after play­ing a small-town, middle-class high school grad­u­ate in Break­ing Away.

The roles kept com­ing in for Quaid, who even­tu­ally went on to earn a slew of crit­ics awards, plus two Golden Globe nom­i­na­tions and three Screen Actors Guild Award nom­i­na­tions, win­ning one.

Like a lot of other stars, a suc­cess­ful act­ing career led to a rocky per­sonal life for Quaid. The actor admit­ted to once being addict­ing to cocaine, but blamed it on being thrust into the spot­light so sud­denly. “Com­ing from where I came from—lower-middle-class life, from Hous­ton into Hollywood—and all of a sud­den this suc­cess starts hap­pen­ing to you, I just didn’t know how to han­dle that,” Quaid wrote in his can­did essay for Newsweek. “Doing blow just con­tributed to me not being able to han­dle the fame, which, at the time, I guess I felt I didn’t deserve.”

By the early 90s, Quaid had already snagged his sec­ond wife, actress Meg Ryan. They mar­ried in 1991, but after one son and nine years, the celebrity couple’s mar­riage came to a bit­ter end. In 2000, Ryan got involved with her Proof of Life co-star, Rus­sell Crowe, while still mar­ried to Quaid—their divorce was final­ized in July 2001. Seven years after their divorce, Ryan finally spoke out about the split, claim­ing that her affair with Crowe wasn’t the only rea­son their mar­riage ended. “Den­nis was not faith­ful to me for a very long time, and that was very painful,” the actress told Insight mag­a­zine, adding, “I found out more about that after I was divorced.” Although he never directly addressed his ex-wife’s accu­sa­tions, he did slam her for bring­ing up the past, say­ing that he found it “unbe­liev­able” that, after so many years, she was still pub­licly dis­cussing their relationship.

By this time, Quaid had already moved on to his third wife, Kim­berly Buff­in­g­ton, who had already given birth to their twins. Buff­in­g­ton was only in her mid-30s when she mar­ried 50-year-old Quaid in July 2004.

In March 2012, Buff­in­g­ton filed for divorce, cit­ing that their mar­riage had become “insup­port­able because of dis­cord or con­flict of personalities…that destroys the legit­i­mate ends of the mar­riage rela­tion­ship and pre­vents any rea­son­able expec­ta­tion of rec­on­cil­i­a­tion.” The news of the divorce came not long after Quaid was accused of hit­ting on another woman. Buff­in­g­ton ended up hav­ing a change of heart and with­drew the divorce papers—she appeared to be reunit­ing with her famous older husband.

The rec­on­cil­i­a­tion didn’t last, because in Octo­ber 2012, Buff­in­g­ton filed for a legal sep­a­ra­tion (yes, again) because she was “fed up with Den­nis’ cheat­ing,” accord­ing to an insider. Quaid fol­lowed it up by fil­ing for divorce in Decem­ber. The con­di­tions of the divorce seemed fairly amicable—Quaid asked for joint cus­tody of their twins and offered spousal sup­port. He even report­edly bought his soon-to-be ex-wife a $3.1 mil­lion mansion.

Believe it or not, they got back together again in March 2013, but because their divorce papers were already filed and going through the sys­tem, it wasn’t as sim­ple as with­draw­ing them this time. The celebrity cou­ple had to go directly to a judge to make their divorce dis­ap­pear. In Sep­tem­ber 2013, their divorce was offi­cially dismissed—Quaid, Buff­in­g­ton, and their twins are back to being one big happy fam­ily, for now, at least.


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  • govskep­tic

    Meg being had by Rus­sell Crowe and then dropped by a bad dime is the fun­ni­est
    part of this story. Life in Hol­ly­wood is so phony after the cam­era is gone.

    • Gene Camp­bell

      Yup, Den­nis dropped her, too. It sad­dens me that they’re not still together in spite of Meg’s ‘trout mouth.’

  • Mirae

    It is widely reported in other accounts that the twins in ques­tion were born to a “ges­ta­tional sur­ro­gate,” NOT to Kim­berly Buffington-Quaid, although Den­nis Quaid report­edly is the father. You should check your facts.