Did Rupert Murdoch’s Young Ex-Wife, Wendi Deng, Have an Affair with This Well-Known Politician?

Sugar Daddy Rupert Murdoch Young Wife Wendi DengWe’re used to see­ing news of illicit affairs and cheat­ing scan­dals in the celebrity tabloids, but thanks to medial mogul Rupert Mur­doch, 82, and his now ex-wife, 44-year-old Wendi Deng, the world of pol­i­tics and busi­ness have just got­ten a lit­tle juicier.

Just days after Mur­doch and Deng final­ized their divorce set­tle­ment, a shock­ing report was released claim­ing that the real rea­son for end­ing their mar­riage was because Deng was caught hav­ing an affair with for­mer British Prime Min­is­ter Tony Blair, 60. Accord­ing to the report in the Daily Mail news­pa­per, Deng and Blair had “mul­ti­ple encoun­ters” behind Murdoch’s back, and they even report­edly spent week­ends together on Mur­doch property.

Blair and Mur­doch used to be close friends—Blair is even Murdoch’s daughter’s godfather—but the recent affair rumors have report­edly put a seri­ous rift between them, even though Blair and his camp have denied that he ever had an affair with Murdoch’s wife. “Rupert Mur­doch is putting out ridicu­lous sto­ries about Wendi and Tony which are not true,” a friend of Blair’s told the paper. “It is the rav­ings of a sad old man.”

Insid­ers said Blair has tried inces­santly to get in touch with Mur­doch, but he is refus­ing to speak to him. “Rupert Mur­doch will have noth­ing more to do with Tony Blair. Not ever,” said some­one from Murdoch’s camp, adding, “If you think that Rupert made a deci­sion to end his mar­riage and a long-term friend­ship with­out just cause, you are sorely mistaken.”

It’s pos­si­ble that there’s absolutely no truth to these affair alle­ga­tions, but it wouldn’t be too far-fetched con­sid­er­ing Deng’s past. When she was study­ing in the U.S., she lived with an Amer­i­can cou­ple who took her in, and she report­edly had an affair with the hus­band, who was 30 years older than she was. His wife left him and he even­tu­ally mar­ried Deng, but their rela­tion­ship ended after he sus­pected that she was hav­ing another affair—but their mar­riage did last long enough for her to get her green card.

What do you think: Do you believe in the con­cept of “once a cheater, always a cheater?”


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Photo Credit: Miro Vrlik Pho­tog­ra­phy / Shutterstock.com