Dina Ruiz Dishes on What Went Wrong with Her Ex, Clint Eastwood

Sugar Baby Dina Ruiz Clint Eastwood RelationshipDina Ruiz, 48, has finally revealed why she decided to offi­cially file for divorce from her famous hus­band, 83-year-old Clint East­wood, after 17 years of mar­riage. The celebrity cou­ple announced a few months ago that they had been sep­a­rated for the past year. After report­edly find­ing out that East­wood was dat­ing another younger woman, Ruiz filed for a legal sep­a­ra­tion, but then with­drew the doc­u­ments a cou­ple days later, leav­ing many peo­ple scratch­ing their heads. The fol­low­ing month, Ruiz finally filed for divorce.

Eastwood’s soon-to-be ex-wife recently opened up to talk show host Bethenny Frankel about her con­fu­sion, the state of her mar­riage, and what prompted her to finally push for a divorce. Ruiz revealed that she was hold­ing out in hopes that they could save their mar­riage, but when she real­ized they weren’t get­ting back together, she decided it was time to move on. “I think there is a men­tal choke­hold on you when you don’t have some­thing in place that shows you are def­i­nitely apart.”

Even though the celebrity cou­ple has offi­cially bro­ken up and East­wood has report­edly moved on with some­one new, Ruiz main­tains that there is no bad blood; she still admires her ex-husband and has no regrets about mar­ry­ing him. “He is the sweet­est; he is a lov­ing, kind, low-key per­son, so my intu­ition was still great on mar­ry­ing a good person.”

The celebrity cou­ple isn’t the only ones who are bet­ter off with this divorce—Ruiz says their16-year-old daugh­ter is also hap­pier now that their trou­bled mar­riage is in the past. “My baby is lov­ing life right now. She’s great because she says I am a lot more fun and relaxed and she goes and sees her dad in Los Ange­les or at home.” East­wood even took the teenager along with him and his older daugh­ter, 20-year-old Francesca East­wood, to the Coachella music and art fes­ti­val in Cal­i­for­nia. “He does fun stuff like that with them, so they are get­ting a fun ver­sion of dad and a more chill ver­sion of mom and life is good for the kids,” said Ruiz. “They are pretty happy.”


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Photo Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com