Do This If You Want a Hotter Sex Life with Your Sugar Daddy


All rela­tion­ships will inevitably have their ups and downs, and age gap rela­tion­ships are no dif­fer­ent. In fact, the age dif­fer­ence can some­times feel like it’s pulling you apart. But that’s why it’s espe­cially impor­tant in age gap rela­tion­ships to find a com­mon ground. Rather than let­ting the age dif­fer­ence set you apart, you should be focus­ing on mak­ing sure that you’re both on the same page about your desires, goals, and expec­ta­tions in the rela­tion­ship. That being said, some things are bet­ter left unsaid sometimes.

A recent study uncov­ered the key to a hap­pier, stronger, and more sex­u­ally sat­is­fy­ing rela­tion­ship, and it’s a lot sim­pler than you think. If you want to improve your age gap rela­tion­ships, ditch your rou­tine and try being a lit­tle more spontaneous.

In order to exam­ine the effects that adding spon­tane­ity could have on a rela­tion­ship, the study fol­lowed 30 cou­ples through­out their daily rou­tines, and then again dur­ing a week that was spe­cially designed to include cer­tain unplanned activ­i­ties and spon­ta­neous ges­tures of love. The find­ings showed that the spon­ta­neous ges­tures of love resulted in twice the amount of inti­macy, like kisses and cud­dling, as well a 33% increase in sex—the num­ber of pairs hav­ing daily sex actu­ally quadrupled.

Spon­tane­ity doesn’t just improve your sex life in age gap rela­tion­ships. The study also revealed that adding impul­sive behav­ior boosted the level of hap­pi­ness in a rela­tion­ship by 20%, as well as the level of con­fi­dence and com­mu­ni­ca­tion between part­ners. A third of the female par­tic­i­pants actu­ally said that the increased com­mu­ni­ca­tion in their rela­tion­ship was the best part of the study.

Before you start plan­ning an over-the-top sur­prise for your older man, keep in mind that “planned spon­tane­ity” seemed to be the most effec­tive in this study. Rather than catch­ing your part­ner com­pletely off guard with a big roman­tic ges­ture, drop a sub­tle hint or two about your plans. Don’t give it all away, but just let them in on an inkling of your surprise.

And speak­ing of sur­prises, you don’t have to go too over-the-top to reap the ben­e­fits in your age gap rela­tion­ships. Try leav­ing them a steamy note or voice­mail mes­sage, sur­pris­ing them with break­fast in bed, arrang­ing a spon­ta­neous hotel night, book­ing a din­ner at their favorite restau­rant, or treat­ing them to a relax­ing mas­sage or after­noon at the spa.

You’ll be sur­prised to see how far these small, but spon­ta­neous and thought­ful ges­tures can really go in age gap rela­tion­ships. Almost of all of the cou­ples in the study agreed that par­tic­i­pat­ing really did improve their rela­tion­ship and that they plan to main­tain the same level of spon­tane­ity going forward.

Here are a few more tips for adding spon­tane­ity to your age gap relationships:

• Keep the spon­tane­ity consistent—a one-off will only get you so far. Build it into your rou­tine reg­u­larly, but be care­ful not to go too over­board. Too much impul­siv­ity will just lead to fatigue and anxiety.

• Change it up by bal­anc­ing big­ger ges­tures, like a sur­prise week­end get­away, with smaller-scale ones, like leav­ing your part­ner a love note.

• Be obser­vant of your partner’s reac­tion. Some peo­ple nat­u­rally have a need to plan in order to feel com­fort­able. Over time, you should be able to gage how big of a hint you need to give them before­hand so that they don’t get too anxious.

• Let your guard down. Women tend to be nat­ural plan­ners, so if your older man is the one who’s try­ing to be spon­ta­neous, sit back and let him take the reins.

What do you think: What’s the most spon­ta­neous thing that you and your older man have ever done?


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