Do Your Sugar Daddy’s Kids Really Care That You’re Dating Their Rich Old Dad?

My older man, Patrick, was anx­ious for me to meet his three kids. He adored his two daugh­ters and one son, who were all liv­ing in the Chicago area. I knew quite a lot about each of them before I even met them because Patrick talked about them so much.

One after­noon when I was sched­uled to fly into Chicago from Detroit, Patrick asked me to join him for din­ner to meet his old­est daugh­ter and her hus­band. I agreed, and after Patrick picked me up from the air­port, we drove 20 min­utes out to this great seafood restau­rant. There, sit­ting at the table with her hus­band, was a beau­ti­ful, tall, dark-haired woman who looked like she was about my age. Her name was Juliet, and she looked as French as her name sounded.

She greeted me eagerly, but warmly. To be hon­est, I was expect­ing a recep­tion more in line with that of her mother’s—cold and abrupt—but there was no cold­ness, no show­ing off, and no sub­tle put-downs. I was both sur­prised and happy. Through the course of the evening, I was begin­ning to feel like Juliet was some­one who might even become a friend, even though we didn’t have much in com­mon. But she was intel­li­gent, con­ver­sant, funny, and just genuine.

Not once did any­one bring up the huge ele­phant in the room: the age dif­fer­ence between Patrick and I. Juliet’s hus­band was a nice guy, too, but I spent my time and atten­tion talk­ing to and get­ting to know Patrick’s daughter.

She asked me a lot of ques­tions about myself, but none of them inquired about what the future held for me and her dad, or how involved we were. I think she knew he was in love and very happy. And I was, too. I had finally come to terms with it and was will­ing to admit that I loved this man; it seemed like he had just fallen from the skies and landed right in front of me.

Patrick knew the evening was a home run. He so wanted his chil­dren to like me and vice-versa, and he was delighted when his daugh­ter turned to him and asked if we would like to come over for din­ner in a cou­ple of weeks. He could see his grand­chil­dren and I could meet them as well. We were all in good spir­its as we fin­ished din­ner, sipped on espresso, and chat­ted like old friends. As nice as it was, a part of me felt like this was all too good to be true. I tried as hard as I could to push that thought out of my head.

We said our good­byes as the valet drove the cars up. Juliet and I gave each other a hug and said how great it was to finally meet.

Patrick and I drove back into the city to my apart­ment, all the while talk­ing about how much fun the night was. I told him how much I liked Juliet and asked him a lot of ques­tions about her child­hood, like where they grew up, how she had han­dled the divorce, and what kind of woman she was. That night, Patrick gave me one big clue that this meet­ing really was too good to be true. He told me that Juliet was more like her father, but his other daugh­ter was very much like her mother. That was the moment I knew that there was going to be seri­ous trou­ble ahead.