Does This Make Clint Eastwood’s Young Wife a Gold Digger?

Sugar Daddy Clint Eastwood Young Wife Gold DiggerIt wasn’t that long ago that Clint Eastwood’s young wife, 48-year-old Dina Ruiz, filed for legal sep­a­ra­tion from her famous 83-year-old hus­band. The celebrity cou­ple had already been liv­ing apart for quite a while before Ruiz filed the doc­u­ments for a legal sep­a­ra­tion. How­ever, it has now been revealed that just a cou­ple days after sub­mit­ting the paper­work, Eastwood’s wife filed a new doc­u­ment to have the legal sep­a­ra­tion dis­missed. Her request for a dis­missal was made with prej­u­dice, which means she doesn’t intend on refill­ing for sep­a­ra­tion again.

If the celebrity cou­ple was already liv­ing their own lives prior to the for­mal sep­a­ra­tion, you can’t help but won­der what sparked Ruiz’s sud­den change of heart after just a cou­ple of days. Plus, it doesn’t seem like they’re headed for a rec­on­cil­i­a­tion any time soon—they’re both rumored to be dat­ing other peo­ple now. His wife even said she was “sad­dened” to see pic­tures of East­wood with his new younger woman, and that she was look­ing for­ward to “new begin­nings.” That doesn’t sound like a woman who is ready to go back to an unhappy mar­riage. So, why would Ruiz want to remain Eastwood’s wife?

Many are spec­u­lat­ing that her deci­sion is based solely on money. East­wood is esti­mated to be worth a whop­ping $375.0 mil­lion and by remain­ing his wife—legally, at least—she’s just pro­tect­ing her right to his for­tune. The celebrity cou­ple report­edly signed a prenup agree­ment ensur­ing that if they divorce, East­wood won’t have to fork over half of what­ever he earned while they were married—had they for­gone the prenup, she could have left him and still walked away with big money.

Ruiz, who had no prob­lem talk­ing about her split from East­wood, has not made any com­ment about why she retracted her deci­sion to legally separate.

What do you think: Would you ever stay in an unhappy rela­tion­ship just for the money?


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