Dominic Purcell and AnnaLynne McCord, 17-Year Age Difference

Sugar Daddy Dominic Purcell and AnnaLynne McCord Relationship

Sugar Daddy Dominic Purcell and AnnaLynne McCord RelationshipActor Dominic Pur­cell has had a short, albeit suc­cess­ful, career in the spot­light. Although he had sev­eral recur­ring roles in a few tele­vi­sion series, he really became known after his stint as Lin­coln Burrows—the man framed for mur­der and try­ing to escape his loom­ing death sentence—on the pop­u­lar TV drama Prison Break.

Pur­cell first decided he wanted to get into show busi­ness after watch­ing the 1986 film Pla­toon. He aban­doned his life as a land­scape gar­dener and enrolled in the Aus­tralian The­atre for Young Peo­ple, fol­lowed by the West­ern Aus­tralian Acad­emy of Per­form­ing Arts. While in school, he met Rebecca Williamson, who became his wife shortly after. They had four chil­dren together before split­ting in 2007.

In 2011, Pur­cell started dat­ing 23-year-old 90210 actress Anna­Lynne McCord after work­ing with her on the film Offi­cer Down. Despite their 17-year age gap, the celebrity cou­ple was seen hug­ging and mak­ing out in pub­lic on sev­eral occa­sions. Like many other celebrity cou­ples with large age gaps, there are con­stant reports of a breakup. In Octo­ber 2012, Pur­cell and McCord report­edly broke up because, after re-evaluating their rela­tion­ship, she didn’t feel like he was the right man for her—McCord felt like she was more seri­ous about him than he was about her.

How­ever, by Jan­u­ary 2013, the two seemed to have rekin­dled their romance. When McCord was asked about whether or not she planned to get mar­ried any­time soon, she said, “I am very happy in my long-term, com­mit­ted boyfriend-girlfriend rela­tion­ship.” And while she admit­ted there won’t be wed­ding bells any­time soon, she was quick to shower her older man with noth­ing but praise: “I have a lot of respect for him. He’s a really won­der­ful man.”

McCord has also opened up about why she’s so attracted to Pur­cell, who’s a lot older than she is. “What I like about an older man is that they tend to be your rock,” she told Us Weekly. “When­ever I have my crazy [moments]…he’s there.” She also said Pur­cell is every­thing she needs in a man because he’s strong. “I need a guy who’s con­fi­dent and is secure in him­self, because we’re always apart.” It’s no won­der these two can’t keep their hands off each other.


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