Donald Sterling Allegedly Claims His Racist Rant Was All Because He Wanted to Get Laid

Sugar Daddy Donald Sterling Allegedly Claims His Racist RantIf you thought the scan­dal involv­ing L.A. Clip­pers owner Don­ald Ster­ling, 80, and his alleged sugar baby, 31-year-old V. Sti­viano, couldn’t get any more bizarre, you were wrong. A new audio record­ing has report­edly been released in which Ster­ling tells an uniden­ti­fied friend that the only rea­son he made those seem­ingly racist com­ments to V. Sti­viano was because he wanted to have sex with her.

I’m talk­ing to a girl. I’m try­ing to have sex with her. I’m try­ing to play with her. If you were try­ing to have sex with a girl and you’re talk­ing to her pri­vately and you don’t think anybody’s there, you may say any­thing in the world,” Don­ald Ster­ling allegedly says in the new audio about V. Stiviano.

Sterling’s so-called sugar baby has main­tained that she and the older man never had sex, and he says the same in the new audio. He also admits that he likes V. Sti­viano and that he got jeal­ous see­ing her with other men. “I want her. So what the hell? Can’t I in pri­vate tell her, ‘I don’t want you to be with anybody?’”

Later on in the con­ver­sa­tion, Don­ald Ster­ling allegedly says that he knows that his com­ments in their pri­vate con­ver­sa­tions were wrong, but that he never intended for any­one but V. Sti­viano to hear it.

This lat­est record­ing has yet to be deter­mined as authen­tic, but the man who released it has report­edly sworn via an affi­davit that the man on the other end of the con­ver­sa­tion is in fact Don­ald Sterling.

What do you think: Do you believe Donald’s Sterling’s alleged claim that he only said what he did because he wanted to have sex with V. Stiviano?


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