Donald Trump and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Blame Donald Sterling’s Sugar Baby For Racism Scandal

Sugar Daddy Donald Trump and Kareem Abdul JabbarThe sports and enter­tain­ment world is still buzzing with the news that Don­ald Ster­ling, the 80-year-old owner of the L.A. Clip­pers, has been banned from the NBA for life and fined $2.5 mil­lion for a racist rant caught on tape by his much younger sugar baby, V. Stiviano.

While many are still con­demn­ing Don­ald Ster­ling for the scan­dal and prais­ing the NBA for the harsh penalty, oth­ers are actu­ally pin­ning the blame on his sugar baby. They’re say­ing that V. Sti­viano set the whole con­ver­sa­tion up by delib­er­ately ask­ing Don­ald Ster­ling spe­cific ques­tions that would elicit a racist response. V. Sti­viano was egging him on with the inten­tion of even­tu­ally releas­ing the audio.

Don­ald Trump, who is mar­ried to a younger woman him­self, openly referred to V. Sti­viano as the “girl­friend from hell” and a “ter­ri­ble human being” who baited Don­ald Ster­ling all along. Trump told Fox & Friends that he thinks Don­ald Ster­ling should have real­ized that his sugar baby was lead­ing him along hop­ing that he would say some­thing incrim­i­nat­ing, and because he didn’t catch on, he fell right into V. Stiviano’s trap.

Retired NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar shared Don­ald Trump’s sen­ti­ment about V. Sti­viano. Although he still held Don­ald Ster­ling very much account­able for his racist remarks, Abdul-Jabbar also believes the sugar baby had a big hand to play in the whole scandal.

Man, what a wind­ing road she led him down to get all of that out,” Abdul-Jabbar wrote in an open let­ter to TIME, adding that it was like she “blind­folded him and spun him around until he was just blath­er­ing all sorts of inco­her­ent racist sound bites that had the news media pee­ing them­selves with glee.”

Mean­while, V. Sti­viano has admit­ted that although she did record the con­ver­sa­tion, she wasn’t the one who released it to the media. But as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar puts it, who­ever did leak the Don­ald Ster­ling audio will more than likely “get a book deal, a sit­com, trade recipes with Hoda and Kathie Lee, and soon appear on Celebrity Appren­tice and Danc­ing with the Stars.”

What do you think: Do you agree with Don­ald Trump and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar that V. Sti­viano set Don­ald Ster­ling up to be exposed?


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Photo Credit: Insta­gram