Donald Trump and Melania Knauss, 24-Year Age Difference

Sugar Daddy Donald Trump and Melania Knauss Relationship

The only pre­req­ui­site an older man really needs to be a sugar daddy is money. Good looks and a lit­tle charm couldn’t hurt, but as long as the cash keeps flow­ing, a sugar baby will be happy. Thanks to his very deep pock­ets, busi­ness tycoon Don­ald Trump makes for per­fect sugar daddy mate­r­ial, despite his aggres­sive per­sona, out­spo­ken nature, and unfor­tu­nate hair.

Trump started build­ing his for­tune by work­ing with his father’s rental hous­ing com­pany. Before even grad­u­at­ing from col­lege, Trump man­aged to turn a $5.7 mil­lion invest­ment into a $6.75 mil­lion sale. In the early 70s, Trump began get­ting involved in big­ger projects, invest­ing mil­lions in the build­ing and revi­tal­iza­tion of new struc­tures around New York. But with big­ger projects came big­ger debts. After financ­ing his third casino, the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, Trump filed for bank­ruptcy in 1991.

The finan­cial strug­gle was only tem­po­rary. Trump quickly began rebuild­ing his empire and in 2001, his 72-story Trump World Tower in New York was finally com­pleted. He also began work­ing on sev­eral other devel­op­ments and con­tin­ues to be a dom­i­nant player in North Amer­i­can real estate. Today, his net worth is said to be upwards of $3.0 billion.

Trump mar­ried his first wife, Ivana Zel­nick­ova, in 1977. The cou­ple had three chil­dren together but the rela­tion­ship came to a bit­ter end when Zel­nick­ova caught Trump—in true sugar daddy style—having an affair with a much younger woman, Marla Maples. Zel­nick­ova report­edly con­fronted Maples, accus­ing her of being a gold dig­ger. Maples later said that she had been under the impres­sion that the mar­riage was already over, and that she had no inten­tions of break­ing up their family.

About a year after Trump’s messy divorce was final­ized, he mar­ried his younger mis­tress, in spite of the highly pub­li­cized scan­dal and their 17-year age dif­fer­ence. That same year, Maples gave birth to their daugh­ter, but even that wasn’t enough to sus­tain the rela­tion­ship and they divorced six years later.

In the years fol­low­ing his sec­ond divorce, Trump was rumored to have been hook­ing up with a slew of younger women, until he finally set­tled down again in 2005 with model Mela­nia Knauss. At the time of their wed­ding, Trump was 58 and Knauss was only 34. The couple’s first child, Trump’s fifth in total, was born in March 2006. Trump seems to have passed his entre­pre­neur­ial spirit—and prob­a­bly a frac­tion of his wealth—on to his young wife, who has since launched her own fash­ion jew­elry and lux­ury skin care line.

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The relationship started innocently enough—like many, it grew from a platonic, working relationship. He was a well-respected, prominent business man with a seemingly perfect life, a wife, children who had grown up to be successful adults, and a religious upbringing. I was a 30-year-old college graduate, up-and-coming executive, and a single, working mother with an adorable toddler son, and a not-so-adorable, slowly dying, five-year relationship with my son’s biological father. On the first clear day of spring, he asked if I’d like to go get a breath of fresh air. We met in a park on the shore of Lake Michigan, and it was there, sitting on a bench together, that I learned his age. He was, as my father would say, “double-nickels.” This 55-year-old man, handsome, well-dressed, with just a sprinkle of gray near his temples, and the calmest, clearest blue eyes, was the most enticing man I’d ever laid eyes (or soon hands) upon in my life! For years, I invested my efforts trying to nurture a relationship with a man my age, giving him 100%; and in return, I received lies, mental abuse, and rough, emotionless sex, and my son received emotional neglect. And yet there, in the matter of a few minutes on a park bench and over the course of just a few short months, “Double-Nickels” showed me the most unimaginable care and kindness through his touch and his soft-spoken nature, his intellect and his genuine interest in what I had to say. Today, more than 10 years later, after facing our share of obstacles, we are happily married and socially accepted by our family, and our local and business communities. His adult children are cordial; my family (most especially my father) loves my husband and, best of all, he was able to legally adopt my son—our son, who is now a teenager! Love doesn’t pick an age; it picks a person.

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