Donald Trump’s Mistress Breaks Her Silence on Their Scandalous May-December Relationship

Sugar Daddy Donald Trump Mistress Breaks RelationshipDon­ald Trump’s mar­riage to his first wife, Ivana, came to a bit­ter end when she caught him hav­ing an affair with a woman 17 years his junior—that woman was Marla Maples. Ivana accused Trump’s young mis­tress of being a gold dig­ger, which Maples still refutes because she main­tains that she was always under the impres­sion that his mar­riage was over before their May-December rela­tion­ship progressed.

Trump even­tu­ally mar­ried Maples after his divorce was final­ized and they had one daugh­ter together, Tiffany. Their mar­riage only lasted six years, but now, 14 years after their divorce, Maples is speak­ing out about how she really feels about Trump and the scan­dal sur­round­ing their rela­tion­ship. “I still love Don­ald,” Maples con­fessed to Oprah Win­frey. She goes on to say that she misses his children—the kids Trump had with Ivana before their mar­riage ended—and that she watches them all the time on TV.

Maples also admits that it was nice hav­ing Trump cover all of the finan­cial bur­dens for their daugh­ter but that she’s happy to be rais­ing her alone. “Her daddy, of course, took care of school, her edu­ca­tion, and some of our needs, but as far as the day-to-day par­ent­ing, I’ve been the one here.”

It’s obvi­ously a big adjust­ment to go from being mar­ried to a bil­lion­aire, to, well, being a sin­gle par­ent. Maples has had to pay the price, lit­er­ally, but doesn’t regret her May-December rela­tion­ship with Trump because it taught her the real value of money. “I’ve lived in small places, I’ve lived in man­sions. I’ve lived with $10 to my name. I’ve lived with hun­dreds of thou­sands of dol­lars to my name. But the truth is it’s the rela­tion­ships that bring the hap­pi­ness, not the amount of money you have.”

What do you think: Would you ever marry for money?


“‘I still LOVE Don­ald’: Trump’s ex-wife Marla Maples says she still has a soft spot for the tycoon despite their love affair end­ing in a nasty divorce,” Daily Mail web site;, last accessed August 8, 2013.

Photo Credit: s_bukley / (Marla Maples), Joe Seer / (Don­ald Trump)

  • Stephanie Wil­son

    Money scares me, I was raised by a hard work­ing father and stay at home mom. My par­ents would have been mar­ried 55 years this last July, but my dad passed away Decem­ber 12,2012. We all were heart bro­ken over los­ing him my mom misses him so much. We had the neces­si­ties grow­ing up and that is all we knew but we had love. I am afraid of to much money because money changes peo­ple and not for the bet­ter. The wealthy peo­ple I have worked for I have seen do any­thing to get another dol­lar and not good things.

  • Peter Young

    She misses his comb-over, his boor­ish per­son­al­ity, the lack of sin­cer­ity and the fact that he loves him­self far more than he could ever love some­one else. It might be com­fort­ing to be totally aware of how you rank in some­body else’s life. For Trump, any­one else is just per­form­ing a service.