Doug Hutchison, 53, Reveals What It’s Like Being Married to His 18-Year-Old Wife, Courtney Stodden

Sugar Daddy Doug Hutchison Married to Courtney StoddenIf you’ve still got lin­ger­ing ques­tions about Doug Hutchison’s mar­riage to 18-year-old Court­ney Stod­den, you’re prob­a­bly not the only one. In a recent inter­view, the actor opened up about how their 35-year age dif­fer­ence affects the dynam­ics of their mar­riage. The famous sugar daddy actu­ally addresses a lot of issues that arise in May-December rela­tion­ships, espe­cially when the age dif­fer­ence is so significant.

When asked whether or not he and his young wife were plan­ning to have kids any­time soon, Hutchi­son admit­ted that they’re in no rush because Stod­den is still so young. In fact, he says they’ll prob­a­bly wait another nine or 10 years. In 10 years, Hutchi­son will be in his mid-60s. Is he wor­ried about becom­ing a dad so late in life? “If Michael Dou­glas can do it, I can do it,” Hutchi­son said. “I’m young in spirit and have lots of energy.”

Stod­den recently wrapped up her stint on the U.K. edi­tion of the real­ity show Big Brother and there were sev­eral reports that she was hit­ting on other older men in the house, with one male con­tes­tant even claim­ing that she tried to get him into bed with her. But Hutchi­son doesn’t believe the reports, claim­ing that it was all for rat­ings. “Our mar­riage is so strong. My love for her is unshake­able,” said Hutchi­son. Hav­ing been mar­ried for more than two years now, Hutchi­son believes that he and his young wife have proven that their mar­riage is solid, and that it’s the real thing. “The longer we’re mar­ried, as the years unfold peo­ple who have had a dif­fi­cult time with our huge age dif­fer­ence are start­ing to accept it.”

Like any good hus­band, young or old, Hutchi­son sup­ports his wife 100%. “Court­ney is an unbe­liev­able actress. I’m not just say­ing this. I’ve been an actor for 25 years. I know nat­ural tal­ent.” Whether or not it’s true is another story, but Hutchi­son has got the dot­ing hus­band part down packed, even call­ing his young wife a “21st cen­tury Renais­sance woman.”

What do you think: Will Doug Hutchi­son and Court­ney Stodden’s May-December mar­riage last even with their 35-year age difference?


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  • Jord Z

    Sorry I watched Big brother and I see stormy clouds ahead for these two. She didnt look gen­uinely excited when she got a sur­prise chance to meet with him on the show for a few min­utes she was look­ing at the cam­eras not him. plus she seems to have got a taste of inde­pen­dence doing the show and a real­i­sa­tion she doesnt need him. Ill be shocked if theyre still together in a year. I also sus­pect he’s the only rea­son she isnt doing big porn films. she appar­ently got offered $5mill on her 18th birthday(so she claimed on the show). But I think its too much for him to see her hav­ing sex with young hot guys and get­ting wealthy. He knows he’d lose her through it.

  • Guest

    Guest with love 0803

    • a minute ago

    To be hon­est, it’s their deci­sion if they are happy let them be happy, there is no rea­son to judge, she doesn’t look like a women who wants a sugar daddy but it’s very hard to tell, love is about companion-ship, trust, hon­esty, love, and much more, love is not a num­ber to me, yes it may be strange at first but you’re not in their shoes, try putting your­self in some­one shoes with this sit­u­a­tion and then see how they feel.

    I myself had dated an older man who was so gor­geous and attrac­tive, and wasn’t the typ­i­cal nor­mal group of 45 year old men he was very fit, ath­letic, had a lot of hair then being bald and is also tall, at first i thought he was 36 but I later found out after, he was actu­ally 45 years old, I met him on a online dat­ing web­site, then later dated him it was a few months after I had turned 18 years old. I don’t ever intend to date a man or use a man for their money and the lav­ish gifts nor for them to be the “sugar daddy”. I wanted a seri­ous rela­tion­ship, and he knew that, we decided to date even though we both knew he would get judged and being ques­tioned the most out of the two of us, for dat­ing a gal who is 27 years younger. Him and I were happy we didn’t mat­ter what every­one is say­ing or look­ing at us. He isn’t mar­ried nor does he have children.

    I would never go back and change the past with my ex, I don’t regret it at all, I’m not ashamed that I dated a man who was 27 years older then me, because love is not a num­ber to me but I do have a cer­tain age I will not go over the age I would date,
    I wish him and I are still in a rela­tion­ship but unfor­tu­nately we are not, I tend to like older men now for their ambi­tions and how they have their life so planned out and how they know what they want and many other things


    • Gayle Gen­tile Pahon

      I think he is fool­ing him­self & she knows it is for the money. She is 18 & in love please! I was engaged to some­one 9 yrs older then me. But yeah she is smart she only needs to stay with him a few yrs & then col­lect the money & then she can move on all before she is 40. My grand­fa­thers sec­ond wife did that. I have a say­ing if it is old & looks like a prune I want no part of it. If I have to go there it bet­ter be pretty looking!

      • Jen

        So true — no love just the fame and money! She is not going to give him pills, push his wheel­chair, wipe his .…, adjust his hear­ing aid, put his teeth in a glass,.… oh please! Gold dig­gers are gold dig­gers and men are fools to think they are loved — what an illu­sion. Oh well, their darn prob­lem when the “wife” will take off when she is in 40’s to have viva loca with his money, haha.

  • Arwen James

    Yikes. Creepy and brain­dead are a match made in heaven.

  • Jane Austen

    Um, that’s not a May-December romance. That’s a pedophile.