Eddie Murphy and Rocsi Diaz, 22-Year Age Difference

Sugar Daddy Eddie Murphy and Rocsi Diaz Relationship

Sugar Daddy Eddie Murphy and Rocsi Diaz RelationshipWomen tend to like a man with a good sense of humor. That could very well be how come­dian and actor Eddie Mur­phy has man­aged to land so many young, beau­ti­ful women.

Through­out his career in Hol­ly­wood, Mur­phy has starred in nearly 40 fea­ture films, most of which have been come­dies. He’s played every­thing from a city cop, to a grand­mother, to the voice of a bum­bling don­key. He was also part of the cast of Sat­ur­day Night Live in the mid-80s, and in 2010, Com­edy Cen­tral placed him tenth on their list of the 100 Great­est Stand-ups of All Time.

Murphy’s dat­ing his­tory alone has the mak­ings of its own movie plot. Mur­phy was already a father of two—by two dif­fer­ent women—when he got mar­ried at the age of 31. He had five more kids with his wife before she filed for divorce in 2005. A year after the split, Mur­phy started dat­ing Melanie Brown, oth­er­wise known as Scary Spice from the British pop group Spice Girls. There was a 14-year age gap between them. Shortly after they started see­ing each other, Brown got preg­nant, and a cou­ple months later, they broke up. While Brown claimed it was Murphy’s child, the actor insisted on a pater­nity test, which later con­firmed that he was really the father. He never main­tained a rela­tion­ship with Brown or the child.

Two years later, at the age of 46, Mur­phy exchanged vows again, this time with movie pro­ducer Tracey Edmonds. But it turned out the cer­e­mony in Bora Bora was never legal. This was prob­a­bly for the best because, two weeks after return­ing, they released a state­ment say­ing that they had decided against pro­ceed­ing with a legal wed­ding cer­e­mony, and that they were just going to remain friends.

It wasn’t long before Mur­phy found him­self a new, much younger woman—TV host Rocsi Diaz, who was 22 years his junior, and only six years older than his eldest child. Just as peo­ple started to warm up to them as a cou­ple, he kicked her to the curb because she was too clingy. It wasn’t too much of a blow for her though, because this sugar baby was rumored to be rebound­ing with bas­ket­ball leg­end Shaquille O’Neal, whose cur­rent net worth is esti­mated to be $250 million.

Mur­phy also moved on pretty quickly. The 52-year-old actor has been dat­ing 33-year-old model Paige Butcher for almost a year now.