Emilee A’s Bio

Emilee ASam was my new boss. I was 24; he was 46. We were both mar­ried, and I was imme­di­ately attracted to him. We began hav­ing lunches off cam­pus, then craft­ing ways to meet for drinks after work, din­ners out, even the occa­sional Sat­ur­day when I would tell my hus­band I was spend­ing the day with a girl­friend. Dur­ing this time, I asked my hus­band for a divorce. What young hus­band could com­pete with a worldly, mature exec­u­tive who knew how to treat a lady?

Sam took me to expen­sive din­ners, on lovely vaca­tions, and he knew what to do in the bed­room. But as the years went on, our age dif­fer­ence began to rear its ugly head. He became increas­ingly jeal­ous and pos­ses­sive. I found out from his son that he even kept a jour­nal on me.

I spent 10 years with Sam—10 years of being with a man who, because of his age, would not marry me and would not give me chil­dren, as he’d “been there, done all that.”

Sam always told me he made “a bet­ter boyfriend than a hus­band.” I wish I had listened…