Ex-Girlfriend Makes Shocking Announcement About Simon Cowell’s New-Born Son with Sugar Baby Lauren Silverman

Sugar Daddy Simon Cowell Son with Sugar Baby Lauren SilvermanAfter Simon Cow­ell con­firmed that he was hav­ing a baby at the age of 54 with his mistress-turned-sugar baby, Lau­ren Sil­ver­man, his ex-girlfriend, Sinitta, revealed some shock­ing news of her own—she was once preg­nant with his baby, but had an abor­tion, because she knew that he had no inter­est in hav­ing kids.

Sinitta was report­edly dev­as­tated when she found out that he was hav­ing a baby with Lau­ren Sil­ver­man, because she always thought that if he ever did set­tle down with a wife and kids, it would be with her.

Nonethe­less, she’s man­aged to put it behind her, because she and Simon Cow­ell are back to being the best of friends. And Cow­ell clearly plans on keep­ing her around, because Sinitta just con­firmed via Twit­ter that the celebrity cou­ple has asked her to be their new baby’s godmother!

Sur­prised? So were we, but when you really think about, Simon Cow­ell does have a habit of keep­ing his ex-girlfriends close. And Lau­ren Sil­ver­man doesn’t seem to mind—the celebrity cou­ple has been spot­ted with Sinitta on sev­eral occa­sions. As the say­ing goes, keep your friends close and your ene­mies closer, right?

In any case, Sinitta seems to be happy for the celebrity cou­ple. After their son was born in Feb­ru­ary 2014, she com­mented on how becom­ing a father has changed the man she once loved. “He seems like the Simon I used to know before the super-famous and super-rich Simon he is now. He was a big softy and a very affec­tion­ate, sweet, family-oriented man,” Sinitta told OK!, adding that his new­born son has brought out his softer side again.

What do you think: Simon Cow­ell and Lau­ren Sil­ver­man ask­ing his ex to be their child’s godmother—makes per­fect sense, or com­pletely crazy?


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Photo Credit: Fea­ture­flash / Shutterstock.com