Find a Sugar Daddy


Con­trary to pop­u­lar belief, find­ing a sugar daddy isn’t just about secur­ing an income. Many peo­ple who aren’t famil­iar with the lifestyle assume that you’re tak­ing his money in exchange for sex or even just for com­pany. But that isn’t nec­es­sar­ily the case. More often than not, you’ll find a sugar daddy with whom you have a real con­nec­tion. It can be just as emo­tion­ally and phys­i­cally sat­is­fy­ing as a con­ven­tional rela­tion­ship, but with the added bonus of finan­cial secu­rity and stability.

Being the online experts in age-gap and sugar daddy dat­ing, we know a thing or two about how to find a sugar daddy. If you’re inter­ested in this sort of mutu­ally valu­able rela­tion­ship, there are a few guide­lines you should fol­low to make sure you’re doing it the right way.

How to Find a Sugar Daddy

Before set­ting out to find a sugar daddy, you should first make sure you have a good idea of what exactly you’re look­ing for. For instance, are you look­ing for some­one with long-term or mar­riage poten­tial, or would you pre­fer a more short-term arrange­ment? Some of the other things to take into account before you find a sugar daddy are how old you want him to be, what his rela­tion­ship sta­tus should be (sin­gle, divorced, mar­ried, etc.), and what type of rela­tion­ship you want.

It also helps to find a sugar daddy once you estab­lish what your expec­ta­tions are for the relationship—you should know before get­ting involved with him what you want him to do for you, includ­ing finan­cially, phys­i­cally, and emo­tion­ally. And there’s noth­ing wrong with voic­ing those expec­ta­tions once you find a sugar daddy you’re inter­ested in pur­su­ing a rela­tion­ship with.

In fact, the first thing you should do after you do find a sugar daddy with poten­tial is be clear with him about what kind of rela­tion­ship you want. By being hon­est and set­ting the terms right away, you’ll both be on the same page about your rela­tion­ship and there won’t be any con­fu­sion or mixed sig­nals. Make sure that you also let him know what you’ll be bring­ing to the relationship.

When you find a sugar daddy, you should also make sure that there is noth­ing nefar­i­ous about the rela­tion­ship. There should be an equal bal­ance between the two of you—you shouldn’t regard your sugar daddy just as your own pri­vate bank, and he should see you as more than a pos­ses­sion that he’s pay­ing for.

Where to Find a Sugar Daddy

It’s a lot eas­ier to find a sugar daddy if you know where to look, and some places are more likely than oth­ers to draw rich men. Here are a few point­ers to help get you started.

Art Auc­tions: This is a good place to find a sugar daddy, because men who fre­quent this type of event have the cash to spend. If this is some­thing that inter­ests you, you’ll want to head to New York City in May and/or Sep­tem­ber, which are prime art auc­tion sea­sons. If art isn’t really your thing, most major cities hold plenty of other high-end sales through­out the year, includ­ing rare books, fine wines, and jew­elry, where you’re bound to find a sugar daddy will­ing to spend.

At work: Most women want to find a sugar daddy who is suc­cess­ful and ambi­tious. So what bet­ter place to look than in the office? If you’re seri­ous about find­ing a sugar daddy, look for an entry-level posi­tion in an indus­try like finance, real estate, nat­ural resources, or any­where else with an office filled with rich older men. Sure, men who work in enter­tain­ment or sports are rich, but why look where every­body else is? You’re more likely to find a sugar daddy when you’re in close range to them.

Art gal­leries and muse­ums: By becom­ing a mem­ber at a big-city museum or art gallery, you’ll receive exclu­sive invites to VIP events and exhibits before they open to the pub­lic. Many of these types of events are attended by high-flying patrons who sup­port the arts, mak­ing it a prime loca­tion to find a sugar daddy who’s not only rich, but who’s intel­li­gent, too.

Coun­try club: Coun­try clubs are where rich men go to play. So why not join in? You don’t even have to play a full round of golf or a whole game of tennis—looking the part is more than enough to help you find a sugar daddy. If you’re not a sporty woman, don’t be afraid to ask a hand­some, mature gen­tle­man for advice or to show you the ropes. Many clubs also offer dif­fer­ent mem­ber­ship lev­els. For instance, a social mem­ber­ship might have restricted priv­i­leges on the courts and courses, but it still gives you access to most of the other facil­i­ties and social activ­i­ties, which is just as use­ful for find­ing a sugar daddy.

Strip clubs: Not all strip clubs are sketchy bars with cheap light­ing and alcohol-stained car­pets. There are now plenty of high-end clubs that are often fre­quented by the rich and famous. These high-end venues are actu­ally a good spot to find a sugar daddy, because unlike a nor­mal bar, there are going to be far fewer women there to com­pete with. If you’re try­ing out a strip club to find a sugar daddy, steer clear of the men in the front row or the ones who are wav­ing around stacks of cash—they’re prob­a­bly there to actu­ally sit and watch naked women dance. Instead, scope out a table with a few men chat­ting and pay extra atten­tion to the gen­tle­man who isn’t fac­ing the stage—he’s the kind of guy who’s just there to have a drink and unwind with his buddies.

Online: Online dat­ing is a great way to find a sugar daddy. Although there are plenty of web sites that cater to the sugar daddy lifestyle, make sure to stick to the ones that offer ver­i­fied pro­files and guar­an­tee your pri­vacy. When going online to find a sugar daddy, the same rules apply; be clear about what you’re look­ing for and what your expec­ta­tions are, and always fol­low basic safety when meet­ing online matches in person.