Find Out How This Woman is Using a Popular Dating Site to Make $20 Million

Popular Dating Site to Make $20 MillionA Toronto woman has made a shock­ing rev­e­la­tion about the valid­ity of dat­ing web sites. Dori­ana Silva was hired by a pop­u­lar dat­ing web site that spe­cial­izes in find­ing part­ners for peo­ple who are inter­ested in hav­ing an extra­mar­i­tal affair, which hap­pens to be how a lot of sugar daddy/sugar baby rela­tion­ships start.

If you’ve ever joined a dat­ing site to find a sugar daddy, you’ve prob­a­bly found your­self ques­tion­ing whether a pro­file was really as good as it looked. Silva’s story is proof that you can never take any­thing at face value.

While under their employ­ment, Silva was required to cre­ate 1,000 “fake female pro­files” for the dat­ing site that were sup­posed to entice men to join the Brazil­ian branch of the web site. She asked for a break from writ­ing the fake dat­ing pro­files to rest her aching wrists, but her request was denied and she was forced to keep writ­ing them, result­ing in such severe pain that she wasn’t able to work for the next two years. She’s now suing the dat­ing com­pany for a whop­ping $20.0 mil­lion in damages.

Silva’s case just con­firms the fear that many peo­ple have about dat­ing sites. From the 1,000 pro­files she cre­ated, none of them relate to “any real human beings at all.”

This doesn’t mean that all dat­ing pro­files are phony. If you’re into online dat­ing or are inter­ested in giv­ing it a try, here are a cou­ple tips to weed out pro­files that really are too good to be true:

• Look at their pic­tures. If there’s only one pic­ture, there’s a bet­ter chance that it was just taken from some­where else. It’s also sketchy if all of the pic­tures look like pro­fes­sional shots.

• Look for dat­ing pro­files that are writ­ten can­didly and per­son­ably. If the dat­ing pro­file is writ­ten like a pro­fes­sional resume, there’s a good chance it might actu­ally be writ­ten by a professional.

• Look for lit­tle details. A fake pro­file will often blur over impor­tant details to avoid get­ting caught. It also doesn’t hurt to check the spelling of things like city names or employ­ers if they’re included. If they’re spelled incor­rectly, that’s a red flag.

What do you think: Have you ever lied about any­thing in your online dat­ing profile?

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