Francine K’s Bio

FrancineKI first met Alfred when I was 38 and he was 63, on an Inter­net chat site. I really didn’t think this was a dat­a­ble per­son, but a won­der­ful friend­ship devel­oped. We became chat bud­dies for a while and con­nected so well on so many lev­els, we decided to meet in per­son. We live 100 miles apart, but that has never got­ten in the way of us spend­ing time together. A pas­sion­ate rela­tion­ship soon grew, and oh what an amaz­ing lover.

I had some reser­va­tions about get­ting too involved: our age dif­fer­ence is 25 years, and we are in dif­fer­ent phases in our lives; in fact he has a daugh­ter who is older than I am. I have 2 teenage sons, a career, was build­ing my first home, and he’s retired, owns his home, lives alone, takes a nap dur­ing the day, and enjoys a slow-paced lifestyle.

I am still ambi­tious and will soon have the empty nest to go start my own life, as my sons are nearly inde­pen­dent. There is no way I want to sit down and have a retired lifestyle yet. We’ve shared a beau­ti­ful, pas­sion­ate friend­ship for many years together. We’ve never really fig­ured out how to plan a future together, though.