How I Stopped My Friend From Trying to Steal My Sugar Daddy

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Some­times women approach my older man, Fred, and it actu­ally makes me feel flat­tered. Many of them are pret­tier than me, and are try­ing to fig­ure out what he’s got that would attract a young red­head like me. Women pick up on the sub­tle chem­istry between me and Fred much bet­ter than men do. They put a tin­gle on Fred’s ego and get him to smile and visit for a while. I have no prob­lem with that at all. I feel flat­tered that other women are inter­ested in Fred. I trust in him that his choices will be appro­pri­ate and no mat­ter what hap­pens in pub­lic sit­u­a­tions, he always goes home with me.

My close friend, Heidi, and I have enjoyed a lot of good times together since our col­lege days. She has beau­ti­ful blue eyes, and is sin­gle, tall, thin, sporty, spunky, and very social. Of course, men approach her reg­u­larly, and she is one of those women who have lots of oppor­tu­ni­ties and whines later about not hav­ing a man in her life. There is a dynamic in our friend­ship, how­ever, that is about as pleas­ant as regur­gi­tat­ing Mex­i­can food. She has a psy­chotic ten­dency that rears its ugly head in cer­tain sit­u­a­tions. It hap­pens when, 1) Men approach me before her, 2) We are in pub­lic, and 3) There’s drink­ing involved. Being in an age gap rela­tion­ship with a man 25 years older than me does have its perks in this area, because it stopped her dead in her tracks.

I learned long ago that being with Heidi in cer­tain sit­u­a­tions should be avoided at all times. She will steal the man that was inter­ested in me and whisk him away and tag him all night long. That spoils any inter­est I would have in him later. I have no chance with meet­ing a man when she is around. Dur­ing an out­door con­cert, poof, she took the man I was danc­ing with. Dur­ing a group camp out, poof, she took me off the lap of the man that I was play­ing with. When I was dat­ing a fine young French boy, poof, she rode around piggy back on him all week­end long at the lake cabin. Not once has she let me and a poten­tial date develop.

I warned Fred about Heidi before he even met her. The first time Heidi met Fred, how­ever, she gave him a hug, said, “Wel­come to girls’ night out,” smiled, and walked away. That was it. She vis­ited with him respect­fully, bought him a drink, kept her hands off him, and did not flirt with him in any way. She told me he was a really nice guy for me and that she was happy for me to have such a fine man to be with. In the past, I quit hang­ing around with her when I had a man with me or the poten­tial for meet­ing men. Fred’s age com­pletely cured the prob­lem in my social life with Heidi.

Appar­ently, flirt­ing with a man who is 30 years older than her was not on Heidi’s radar. I had finally found a way to end her streak: an age gap relationship.