Gary Oldman Splits From Wife Because of 20-Year Age Gap

Gary Oldman and Alexandra Edenborough

Another famous age gap cou­ple is pulling the plug on their May-December mar­riage. The Dark Knight Rises star Gary Old­man, 56, and his younger wife, 36-year-old singer Alexan­dra Eden­bor­ough, mar­ried in Decem­ber 2008, but after being sep­a­rated for the past year, Eden­bor­ough filed for divorce in Jan­u­ary 2015, cit­ing “irrec­on­cil­able differences.”

Gary Old­man revealed in a state­ment that their ami­ca­ble May-December breakup was the effect of the age gap in their mar­riage, some­thing we’ve seen before. “Alex and I had sev­eral great years together, and we shared a great love dur­ing that time, but there is big dif­fer­ence in our ages and ulti­mately that gap inevitably revealed dif­fer­ent lifestyle inter­ests,” said the actor, adding that he is grate­ful for their mar­riage and wishes his soon-to-be ex-wife “the best hap­pi­ness in the future.”

This isn’t Oldman’s first brush with a May-December breakup—he’s been divorced three times before. His first wife, actress Leslie Manville, was just two years younger, but his sec­ond wife, actress Uma Thur­man, was 12 years younger and his third wife, a pho­tog­ra­pher, was nine years younger.

Gary Old­man was opti­mistic that Alexan­dra Eden­bor­ough would be a keeper, say­ing last year, “I’m not proud that this is my fourth mar­riage. But this is a good one. Hope­fully, my last one.” Maybe the fifth time’s a charm?

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Photo Credit: Helga Esteb /