George Clooney’s Ex-Sugar Baby Has Upgraded—Find Out Who She’s Dating Now!

Sugar Daddy George Clooney Sugar Baby Monika JakisicFrom Hollywood’s hottest bach­e­lor to a real-life prince—if there’s one woman who knows how to pol­ish her sugar baby game, it’s Monika Jak­isic. The 33-year-old Croa­t­ian model, dubbed the “Croa­t­ian Sen­sa­tion,” has been linked to celebrity sugar daddy George Clooney on sev­eral occa­sions, but the sugar baby is now said to be dat­ing Prince Andrew, 54.

The rumored celebrity cou­ple was recently spot­ted enjoy­ing an inti­mate din­ner together to cel­e­brate the prince’s birth­day, and accord­ing to onlook­ers, they were “cud­dling up to each other.” The prince was report­edly doing every­thing he could to make his new sugar baby laugh, and was even seen “kiss­ing her hand” a few times.

A cou­ple days later, the celebrity cou­ple was spot­ted get­ting close again, this time at a high-end members-only club in Lon­don. Prince Andrew was seen with his arms around Jak­isic as he kissed her. “It was obvi­ous they are a cou­ple,” a wit­ness told Us Weekly. “They looked like two lovebirds!”

Although Prince Andrew, who’s esti­mated to be worth $75 mil­lion, ended his mar­riage to Sarah Fer­gu­son back in 1996, the Duchess of York was still report­edly stunned to hear that her ex-husband was dat­ing the much younger sugar baby. “Sarah is a real­ist and knows remar­riage is not on the cards while the Duke of Edin­burgh is alive, but she is still a bit upset by this,” said a friend.

What do you think: Would you be upset if you found out that your ex-husband was dat­ing a much younger sugar baby?


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