George Lucas Spends Big Money to Host a Second Wedding Reception with His Younger Wife

Sugar Daddy George Lucas Spends Big Money with his Younger WifeStar Wars direc­tor George Lucas, 69, recently tied the knot with his long­time girl­friend, 44-year-old busi­ness­woman Mel­lody Hob­son. But one big party wasn’t enough for this celebrity cou­ple. Just a week after exchang­ing vows, Lucas and Hob­son cel­e­brated their mar­riage with another star-studded affair. This time, the fes­tiv­i­ties were held at Chicago’s Promon­tory Point under a lav­ish air-conditioned, multi-room tent near the waterfront.

Lucas made sure to pull out all the stops for his new wife. Guests were said to be guided to the tented area by a spe­cially con­structed board­walk dec­o­rated with flow­ers. The enter­tain­ment for the evening was pro­vided by Grammy win­ner Prince, who was backed by a 22-piece band—it doesn’t get much fancier than that.

Lucas and Hob­son hosted more than 500 guests, which included some of Chicago’s most influ­en­tial cor­po­rate and polit­i­cal fig­ures, like Rahm Emanuel (mayor of Chicago) and Bill Daley (for­mer White House Chief of Staff). Many of Lucas and Hobson’s celebrity friends were also present, includ­ing Robin Williams, Mark Hamill, and Hay­den Christensen.

What do you think: Was it nec­es­sary for George Lucas and Mel­lody Hob­son to spend so much money on another wed­ding cel­e­bra­tion, or would you do the same if you could?

  • tnwoman1948

    Your “What do you think” ques­tion was STUPID. First of all, it is no one’s busi­ness how they spend THEIR money, AND just think of all of the peo­ple who were employed putting this recep­tion together. I bet it pumped THOUSANDS of dol­lars into the Chicago economy.

  • junebug24

    They never appear close. It’s weird. Lucas never appears happy. Seems kind of awk­ward. She smiles a lot, but he looks like he is in pain. Spend the money if they want to, but it would be a much bet­ter deal if they donated the time and money for the sec­ond wed­ding recep­tion to needy chil­dren. After all, how much wed­ding do you need to impress peo­ple. It just seems a bit over the top. Some­one is try­ing hard to prove some­thing. It is so unkind to flaunt extrav­a­gant wealth when so many peo­ple are suf­fer­ing. Does this sec­ond wed­ding recep­tion make their rela­tion­ship stronger? Maybe they are try­ing to prove some­thing. They look extremely bor­ing together. Seems like they have noth­ing in com­mon. They both look odd, uptight, out of place, and hor­ri­bly bored.
    I wish them well!

    • Terri Young

      I think your look­ing for some­thing to criticize.First of all I’m sure he wouldn’t marry some­one he wasn’t happy with. Every­one doesn’t smile like a chess cat when their on camera

  • Manda Bazan

    I would have loved to have more than one recep­tion. I think that would have been amazing…but def­i­nitely not in my bud­get lol.

  • ter­rjudy

    YES… it’s a party! A won­der­ful party for peo­ple they know! Why not???

  • SantaFe­Jack

    George’s wife is stun­ning and has a spec­tac­u­lar smile. I hope mar­riage only enhances the obvi­ous love they have for each other,

  • Tonya

    Its’ their money…I’m almost cer­tain that they could care less what we think…as for me, I would do what­ever I wanted to do…its’ my money…best wishes to the couple…