George Lucas Welcomes a Daughter with Young Wife, Mellody Hobson

Sugar Daddy George Lucas Welcomes Daughter with Young Wife Mellody HobsonDirec­tor George Lucas, 69, may not be head­ing Lucas­film Ltd. any­more, but he’s def­i­nitely still going to have his hands full with a slightly dif­fer­ent endeavor. He and his younger wife, 44-year-old Mel­lody Hob­son, are the proud new par­ents of a baby girl, Ever­est Hob­son Lucas, who was born via sur­ro­gate on August 9, 2013. This is Hobson’s first child, but Lucas already has three kids aged 32, 25, and 20. How­ever, all of Lucas’ kids were adopted—Everest is the celebrity couple’s first bio­log­i­cal child.

Lucas and Hob­son tied the knot in June 2013 after seven years of dating.

Hav­ing kids is always a debat­able issue when it comes to younger women who are mar­ried to older men. Money, of course, will be no issue—Lucas is esti­mated to have a net worth that’s upwards of $7.0 bil­lion. But at almost 70, you can’t help but won­der how much of a role Lucas will really get to play in his new child’s upbringing.

What do you think: Is 70 too old to be hav­ing kids, or is age irrelevant?


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