Guess Which Famous Model George Clooney is Dating Now

Stacy who? We knew it wouldn’t take too long for George Clooney to find some­one new after split­ting from his last girl­friend, for­mer WWE star Stacy Keibler. Model Monika Jak­isic, 33—otherwise known as the “Croa­t­ian Sensation”—reportedly spent the night with 52-year-old Clooney last month at his L.A. mansion.

What’s shock­ing about this new celebrity cou­ple is that Jak­isic is the same younger woman that Clooney was spot­ted flirt­ing with back in May 2013, while he was still dat­ing Keibler. At the time, a source claimed that Clooney and Jak­isic were at the same pri­vate club in Lon­don and were seen hold­ing hands and danc­ing together the whole night. Clooney quickly dis­missed the affair rumors, chastis­ing the tabloids for “cre­at­ing scan­dal that isn’t there.” How­ever, it wasn’t the first time the two were connected—Clooney and Jak­isic were report­edly on a yacht together back in 2007.

Accord­ing to an insider, the new celebrity cou­ple “spent hours talk­ing, and [they] have an incred­i­ble con­nec­tion.” Clooney nor Jak­isic have con­firmed or denied that they are, in fact, dat­ing now.

Inter­est­ingly, the news about Clooney’s new hookup comes not too long after it was revealed that his ex, Keibler, is now dat­ing Jared Pobre, the CEO of a big adver­tis­ing agency. While Clooney has stuck to dat­ing some­one with a con­sid­er­able age dif­fer­ence (Jak­isic is 18 years younger than him), Keibler is dat­ing some­one a lit­tle closer to her in age—she and Jobre only have a five-year age difference.

What do you think: Will George Clooney ever set­tle down and get married?


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Photo Credit: carrie-nelson /