Has Steven Tyler Finally Found a Much Younger Woman He Can Settle Down With?

Sugar Daddy Steven Tyler with Aimee PrestonWhen it comes to older men dat­ing younger women, no one mas­ters it quite like Aero­smith front­man Steven Tyler. At the age of 65, he’s still able to get any younger woman he wants, and the celebrity sugar daddy has now report­edly set his sights on his per­sonal assis­tant, Aimee Pre­ston, who’s believed to only be in her twen­ties. Accord­ing to sources, Tyler and the much younger woman are more than just col­leagues or even good friends—there’s def­i­nitely some­thing going on between them.

They’re not exactly dat­ing, but it’s not a strictly pro­fes­sional rela­tion­ship either,” revealed an insider who’s close to the younger woman. “It’s in the early stages. She has been work­ing with him for a few years now.”

The rumored celebrity cou­ple, who are said to be “hav­ing fun together,” has been pho­tographed together on sev­eral occa­sions, and the images hardly look like a pla­tonic rela­tion­ship between an older man and his young assis­tant. In one shot, Pre­ston has her arms wrapped around him as she sits behind him for a motor­cy­cle ride. In some of the other pic­tures, the celebrity cou­ple is embrac­ing under a thick shawl and watch­ing the sun­set on the edge of a cliff in Malibu.

Given the fact that Aimee Pre­ston has been by his side, albeit as his per­sonal assis­tant, for so many years, can she finally tame the wild celebrity sugar daddy? We’re think­ing prob­a­bly not, but then stranger things have happened.

This cer­tainly isn’t the first time the celebrity sugar daddy has been linked to a younger woman. When Tyler was just 27, he was hook­ing up with a 16-year-old fan—he even got her preg­nant. Then, after two failed mar­riages, he pro­posed to Erin Brady, who was an Aero­smith tour man­ager and 25 years younger than him. Their engage­ment didn’t last and fol­low­ing their split, Steven Tyler was seen cozy­ing up to a string of much younger women, like 23-year-old Hunger Games star Leven Rambin.

What do you think: If given the oppor­tu­nity, would you date Steven Tyler?


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Photo Credit: Christo­pher Hal­lo­ran / Shutterstock.com