He’s a Liar, a Cheater, and Filthy Rich…Here’s How to Make Him Pay: Part 1

Once I broke off the engage­ment with my older man, Der­rick, I saw a com­pletely dif­fer­ent side of him. He became much more dis­tant, and we went more days than ever before with­out see­ing each other. I still had my car, house, hand­bags, clothes, and jewelry—all the gifts he had given me while we were together. In fact, now that he was being more dis­tant, he actu­ally bought me even more stuff.

As nice as it was, it just wasn’t worth it for me any­more. I was slowly falling out of love with Der­rick. I started to resent him and hated the fact that I was now being treated like noth­ing but his mis­tress. To this day, I still don’t know if his wife ever told him that she con­fronted me about mar­ry­ing him. But regard­less, every­thing changed. He started talk­ing more to me about his wife, every­thing about their lat­est argu­ments, how money hun­gry she was, and how much atten­tion she needed. He also often listed off all of the rea­sons why I was bet­ter than her.

I was infu­ri­ated when he can­celed plans with me three nights in a row. In fact, I was so angry that I got in my Mer­cedes, drove to the first place I could find, and sold my engage­ment ring.  When I got $20,000 in return for it, I became even more livid. The old man was will­ing to spend $20,000 on an engage­ment ring for a woman whom he had no inten­tion of ever mar­ry­ing. I felt like such a big fool. But I just didn’t have the energy to fight.

I decided I needed to do some­thing to get out of this slump that I had fallen into. I called up a cou­ple of my close friends, and we decided to head to a bar that night. The last thing I wanted was to think about Der­rick, and in my fit of anger, I ended up drink­ing a lot more than I should have.

The next morn­ing, I woke up in my bed at home, but every­thing from the night before was a com­plete blur—until I turned over. Sud­denly, it all came rush­ing back to me. What had I done?

As I turned over, I saw a young, hand­some man lying in my bed beside me. It was nice to see a smooth face with­out wrin­kles lying next to me—I also couldn’t help but notice that he didn’t have gray hair like Der­rick, and the rock hard abs didn’t hurt either. I lay there star­ing at him, try­ing to remem­ber what hap­pened the night before. When he finally woke up, I couldn’t help but notice his bright blue eyes. This man was breath­tak­ing. For a sec­ond, I com­pletely for­got about my old man, his wife, and our dys­func­tional rela­tion­ship. I was so intrigued by this much younger man in my bed…

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