How a $6,000 Lap Dance Gave Me the Courage to Leave My Controlling Sugar Daddy: Part 1

Due to a win­ter storm, Marco’s flight was delayed, so he ended up being home for an extra day before leav­ing for Toronto, where his other woman, Karen, would be wait­ing for him. He had pro­posed to me after less than one year together, and I wore the engage­ment ring for a total of 24 hours before hand­ing it back to him.

Here,” I said, plac­ing it in the box on the table.

What’s this?” Marco responded, as he clearly started to get upset.

I can’t do this. I was wrong. I don’t want to be sec­ond fid­dle to any­one. I deserve bet­ter,” I said, as I started to head towards the stairs.

Viv, is this about Karen still? Fine, if it will make you happy, I will stop see­ing her alto­gether,” he said as he stood up from his cof­fee and reached for my hand.

I held his hand as I started to talk. “No, it’s much more than that. It’s not right and we both know it. Like you said, it’s been fun, but let’s face it, that’s all it’s ever been. I have more respect for myself now and, although I do love you, you do not love me in the same way. You love the idea of me, the idea that you could keep a younger lover with gifts and money. That’s not love.”

Marco clutched my hand and the ring box. “Viv, are you sure? I will never ask you again. I will not beg you to marry me, if that is what you are wait­ing for me to do.”

I smiled half­heart­edly and kissed him gen­tly on the cheek before walk­ing away. “Vivian, come on. Please don’t walk away,” I heard him say­ing as I walked up the steps and grabbed my lap­top. The spare bed­room had never been slept in since I had moved in, so I grabbed my pil­low and headed over there. My dog fol­lowed me and snug­gled with me on the bed while I stud­ied for a major exam com­ing up. About an hour later, Marco came up the steps and asked me what I was doing in the spare bed.

What, are we done now alto­gether?” he asked, a bit annoyed.

No dear, I just needed some space is all. We are still OK, just never going to marry, right?” I asked smil­ing, hop­ing he would agree.

Right, so you will make love to me still?” he asked grin­ning, as if he’d won the lottery.

We made love right then, and although it was good, it was the emp­ti­est sex I’d ever had to date. My older lover was quite pleased with it though, and par­tic­u­larly enjoyed this romp on the firm spare bed. This would become the norm for us for the next sev­eral months—raw, detached, ani­mal­is­tic sex that typ­i­cally resulted in some sort of gift from the sex toy shop.

For Marco, the rela­tion­ship had improved in sta­tus, despite the blow to his ego that he never let me for­get. The rela­tion­ship was oth­er­wise exactly what he wanted, but I wasn’t the least bit happy. I was look­ing for a way out. I still looked for apart­ments and was still sock­ing away some money while man­ag­ing to pay my fair share for every­thing, despite not hav­ing to.

Over the next few months, I grew increas­ingly unhappy, result­ing in some very unchar­ac­ter­is­tic behavior…