How a $6,000 Lap Dance Gave Me the Courage to Leave My Controlling Sugar Daddy: Part 2

By Feb­ru­ary that year, I was rest­less, to say the least. Even though I was just bar­tend­ing at the strip club, from time to time I would get up on the stage and dance a set, just like the rest of the girls. The male atten­tion was flat­ter­ing and a huge ego boost. The extra money was great, but the guys were not jiv­ing with the fact that I wouldn’t do pri­vate dances with them.

On Valentine’s Day, Marco was in South Car­olina at a client site, but had sent a bou­quet of flow­ers, choco­lates, and a card to my work. I hid the card, gave the choco­lates to the other girls, and kept the flow­ers in my locker at work. That night, the man­ager, Tony, asked if I would dance the whole night, because a lot of girls called to take the night off. So I did, because I had found a nice apart­ment that I really wanted to rent and needed the extra money.

By mid­night the place was packed—a lot of sin­gle, lonely guys just look­ing for some female atten­tion. I was asked many times for pri­vate dances, but kept telling them I didn’t do them. That was until the man­ager approached me about auc­tion­ing off my first pri­vate dance to the high­est bid­der so I could get my apart­ment faster, since I was so unhappy at home with Marco. I did not like the thought of this at all, but went along with it. It cheered up the room, pro­vided a fun dis­trac­tion, and by the end of the bid­ding, I had an extra $2,000 for the apart­ment I wanted to rent.

That was it. I took the gen­tle­man, Steve, to the pri­vate dance area and sat there with him talk­ing. One of the more expe­ri­enced girls tried to show me how to dance for him, but Steve wasn’t inter­ested. He really just wanted to talk; he wanted to feel heard and for­get that he was so lonely for just a few min­utes. He was older, 64 to be exact, a wid­ower, and wasn’t really attracted to me. Instead, he just wanted to save me from the “pervs” and pro­tect my “inno­cence.” Because of my sit­u­a­tion, I fully under­stood his dilemma, which made him feel that much hap­pier because we could relate to one another. This was the only dance I ever took; he tipped an extra $1,000 to make sure I had what I needed and main­tained him­self as a reg­u­lar cus­tomer of mine at the bar.

After our “dance,” I re-gifted a rose from the bou­quet Marco sent. Tacky? Prob­a­bly, but it was totally worth it. Steve was sur­prised and it really lit up his face with joy see­ing such a ges­ture from a stranger. Steve con­tin­ued to men­tor me at the club, but never asked for any­thing in return, other than my com­pany and bru­tal honesty.

From that night on, I asked Tony to never ask me to dance again, and that despite my rest­less unchar­ac­ter­is­tic behav­ior, it was not how I wanted to live my life. It was a good expe­ri­ence to learn the art of seduc­tion for many types of men, to bring them to their knees just by teas­ing, being coy, and slowly remov­ing arti­cles of cloth­ing with­out expos­ing the bits and pieces; it really drove them wild.

These expe­ri­ences of danc­ing, learn­ing to seduce, and just know­ing how to be sexy the right way have helped me get what I want eas­ier, faster, and with­out giv­ing up some­thing that I don’t want to. The teas­ing and chas­ing are far more stim­u­lat­ing and excit­ing for older men than the actual catch. Many don’t even really want to actu­ally catch; they just want to play the game and enjoy it.

By the end of the night, I had befriended a life­long men­tor. I was also approx­i­mately $6,000 richer, gross­ing the most cash in one night ever for any girl. And I felt more con­fi­dent than ever that it was time to break up with Marco for good—but how? And who gets cus­tody of the dog?