How a Rich Older Man Taught Me to Gamble with Someone Else’s Money

The Par­adise Island casino was intox­i­cat­ing. The sound of cheers com­ing from the craps tables, all the peo­ple exchang­ing high fives at the black­jack tables, and the sound of the slot machines ring­ing though the air. The Greek God and I left the restau­rant after a mar­velous din­ner and headed for the casino. The Sil­ver Oak wine worked won­ders for calm­ing my unset­tled nerves. He took my hand and guided me to the high-limits area. As we walked into the salon, every­one turned their head to look at us. He was the type of man that got all the women’s atten­tion when he entered a room.

The atten­tion we attracted when we walked into the room was very notice­able. It was more atten­tion than the Stet­son man and I had ever received. Being in the spot­light like this was addic­tive for me—I was offi­cially hooked, and I loved being on the arm of this gor­geous sugar daddy. He motioned for me to sit beside him at the black­jack table. He smiled and said, “You are quite the black­jack player, princess.” It seemed “princess” had become his new pet name for me. Every time he spoke to me, some­where in the con­ver­sa­tion, he slid in the word “princess.”

He laid a stack of money on the table and when the dealer slid the chips to him, he slid a stack in front of me. “Let’s have some fun!” We laughed and the dealer started shuf­fling the cards. As the night wore on, we laughed and made some really big bets. Each time we pushed in to increase our bets, we seemed to win. He kept say­ing that I was his good luck charm. I just loved hear­ing him say that through­out the night.

After a few hours of play­ing, he said, “It’s time we cashed in and called it a night, wouldn’t you agree?” I agreed, and we headed to the hotel.

The Par­adise Island lights made for a stun­ning view. As I stood there in the room, a song by Chris Young started play­ing in the back­ground. The music was soft, but loud enough to enve­lope me in his words. It was the song about a black dress hit­ting the floor after a man and woman get home from a night out.

As I stood there star­ing into the Greek God’s eyes, he walked straight towards me and began slow danc­ing with me. This dance felt like magic to me. The music was like a road map for what he was going to do to me. He slowly unzipped my black dress and it hit the floor. I made sure I had the sex­i­est under­wear on, and it took his breath away. He bent down and picked me up, as if he was going to carry me across the thresh­old. He actu­ally did carry me across the thresh­old of the suite’s sep­a­rate bed­room. My mind was no longer on the Stet­son man.