How a Short Fling with a Sugar Daddy Helped Me Pay For School (and So Much More)

About a week after our last trip together, my older sugar daddy, Michael, called. It was 11:45 p.m. I had an exam the next day that was a final for the class—I couldn’t afford to not ace it, since it was required to pass the class.

This time, instead of answer­ing his call right away, I put my phone on silent and just let it ring. Michael left about four voice­mails before giv­ing up on me for the night. I slept the whole night through and woke up feel­ing greatly relieved. I finally did it. I turned him away, and I felt good about it.

The next night, the same thing hap­pened; he called and I ignored him. And that made him want me even more. He was so used to every­one giv­ing him what he wanted because he had money that he was now see­ing red when I ignored him. The third night came along, and I finally answered. “Hi Michael—”

Where have you been?” he inter­jected. “I have been try­ing to reach you! Were you ignor­ing me on pur­pose? I want to see you. When can you get here? I have a new toy for us to play with.”

I agreed to see him, know­ing that my time with him was lim­ited by my own lack of desire and enthu­si­asm. He sensed this and for him, it wasn’t some­thing he enjoyed know­ing. We played around in his bed­room with sev­eral of his new toys, and while were in the mid­dle of hav­ing sex, the door­bell rang. “Who’s at the door, Michael?”  I asked. “Is it impor­tant or can we ignore it?”

Michael answered qui­etly. “It’s the new girl. I want you to train her the same way Kate trained you. She’s ter­ri­ble at play­ing the way I like,” he responded.

I let the new girl, Ash­ley, inside and he brought her to the bar. I looked at her and smiled, feel­ing a slight tinge of jeal­ousy, but more so just pity for her. She had no idea what she was get­ting her­self into. It was at that moment I real­ized that, all along, all of those judg­men­tal women and men had felt the same exact way about me. They pitied me, because until I had reached this point, I couldn’t see what they were see­ing when they looked at Michael and I.

By this point, I had enough money to live min­i­mally on for about a year; I wouldn’t have to work and could truly focus on school and on myself. I trained Ash­ley, just like Kate had trained me, and when I left Michael’s house that night, he had given me yet another large sum of money. This time the memo line read, “Down pay­ment for a house.” It was like he had read my mind.

As I left, I made a promise to myself to never see Michael again. And only one time would I break that promise, but that’s all it takes, right?

A few weeks passed by and I was finally just doing my own thing. No sugar daddy, no Michael, no anyone—just me and my school­work. I started bik­ing every day for at least two hours at a time, really build­ing up mus­cle in my lower body. My thighs were get­ting so mus­cu­lar that my clothes weren’t fit­ting properly.

Kee­gan, the guy I had met at the strip club I worked at, and I chat­ted online nearly every night. Some days we would even video chat. We had good times and became great friends. I felt like I could trust him with any­thing. I finally felt like I was at a good place in my life, and it all had to do with cut­ting Michael loose.