How a Stranger’s Lip Gloss Cost My Husband $26,000: Part 1

The Stet­son man, my mar­ried lover, was the first man I ever met who con­sid­ered me spunky, cute, and hot all at the same time. It was amaz­ing talk­ing to him—he was always a cap­tive audi­ence, and we would share sto­ries for hours at a time. We talked about many things from our pasts; how­ever, I soon learned to be a bit more selec­tive about what I would tell him after he began to become con­cerned about our present and future rela­tion­ship based on his knowl­edge of my past.

The Stet­son man would often ask me to tell him some­thing he didn’t know about me, as he did dur­ing our first flight together on his jet. I did not hes­i­tate and pro­ceeded to tell him about my retal­i­a­tion over my sec­ond husband’s infidelity.

I had taken a two-week trip to Europe with a girl­friend, and while we were away I would often call my son to check in on him and my hus­band. My son told me he was spend­ing all his free time with his step­fa­ther, my hus­band, which I thought was odd—those two never spent much time together. Trust­ing in my sus­pi­cion, I called my hus­band and he told me he hadn’t seen much of my son. I imme­di­ately rec­og­nized that my son was cov­er­ing some­thing up for my hus­band, but I had no idea what it was.

Finally, dur­ing one of these phone calls with my son, I dis­cov­ered the truth. My son had acci­den­tally picked up the wrong cell phone, and had read inap­pro­pri­ate text mes­sages between an unknown female and my husband.

Upon our return, my hus­band picked my friend and me up from the air­port. And when I got into the car, I looked down at my feet and saw a stranger’s lip gloss and a cap from a Mike’s Hard Lemon­ade, some­thing no one in my house­hold drank. With­out think­ing, I picked them up and flicked them at him. His response was that at least he had paid for “it,” which meant noth­ing (in his opin­ion). But I knew that I was sup­posed to just accept his words since they were the truth, and fight­ing with him was always fruit­less. But I wasn’t going to let him go that easily…

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