How an Experienced Sugar Baby Hooked a Famous Weiner

Anthony Weiner, a for­mer con­gress­man who is run­ning for mayor of New York City, has had a rough few weeks. He was recently caught in a “sex­ting” scan­dal after it was revealed that he exchanged naughty pic­tures with a much younger woman—23-year-old Syd­ney Leathers—as recently as last sum­mer, while still mar­ried. This was the sec­ond time that the politi­cian had been caught up in a scan­dal like this.

The scan­dal has only got­ten more heated over the past week with new details sur­fac­ing. It turns out that Leathers is an expe­ri­enced sugar baby who knows how to get what she wants from older men, and she appar­ently isn’t opposed to doing what­ever it takes. The young woman actu­ally had a detailed pro­file on a pop­u­lar sugar daddy match­mak­ing web site and, accord­ing to a press release from the site, she was “very pop­u­lar” and “found suc­cess as a sugar baby.”

Although Leathers has since deac­ti­vated her pro­file, a screen­shot revealed that she described her­self as “naughty but nice,” and that she’s on the hunt for a dis­creet rela­tion­ship where both par­ties get “what they desire.” Sources claim that Leathers made any­where from $200 to $4,000 com­mu­ni­cat­ing, shar­ing pic­tures, and hav­ing din­ner with rich, older sugar daddies.

Leathers recently sat down with radio host Howard Stern to dis­cuss the scan­dal. She claimed that Weiner pur­sued her via Face­book and after she agreed to send him lewd pic­tures, he returned the favor. Leather also touched on why their sugar daddy rela­tion­ship turned sour. “He was just this needy lit­tle b*tch, basi­cally,” said Leathers, adding, “It actu­ally was a turn-off. That’s part of why things started to fiz­zle out, because he was clingy with me. He would get pissy with me over, you know, guys com­pli­ment­ing me on Face­book, just weird sh*t like that. I’m like, ‘You’re mar­ried. I’m sin­gle,’ you know?”

When asked why she decided to tell the world now about their sugar daddy rela­tion­ship, Leathers admit­ted that she felt angry that he was telling the world that he had changed after lur­ing her into the rela­tion­ship and then refus­ing to own up to his actions. “What pissed me off was him on the cam­paign trail say­ing ‘Oh, I’ve changed,’ and try­ing to act like he has this per­fect mar­riage now and everything’s just peachy,” said Leathers. “I was like, bullsh*t. I’m proof that you have not changed.”

What do you think: Should Anthony Weiner drop out of the may­oral race, or should his per­sonal life be set apart from his pro­fes­sional life?


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Photo Credit: lev radin /