How Courtney Stodden Knew Her May-December Relationship with Doug Hutchison was Always Doomed

Sugar Baby Courtney StoddenCourt­ney Stod­den was only 16 when she took the ques­tion­able plunge into mar­riage with 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchi­son. But it only took her three years to real­ize that it was a huge mis­take. Shortly after it was con­firmed that the celebrity couple’s con­tro­ver­sial May-December mar­riage had ended in a legal sep­a­ra­tion, Stod­den opened up about her deci­sion to leave her much older husband.

I got that it is uncon­ven­tional, but I didn’t get how weird and strange that it came across,” Stod­den said in a recent inter­view, adding how she now under­stands why their May-December rela­tion­ship upset so many people.

Stod­den also admit­ted that her trav­el­ing to the U.K. to do a real­ity show was the turn­ing point in her rela­tion­ship with Hutchi­son because it was the first time she spent more than a day apart from her hus­band. “I was miss­ing him, but not inti­mately. I couldn’t neglect my desires and want­ing to embrace my inde­pen­dence and my freedom.”

When the celebrity cou­ple first went pub­lic with their illicit May-December rela­tion­ship, Hutchi­son report­edly lost many of his rela­tion­ships with fam­ily and friends. He was also dropped by his agent and his act­ing career took a seri­ous hit. Although the cou­ple said early on in their rela­tion­ship that they didn’t care because they were in love, it even­tu­ally took a toll on their mar­riage because he had noth­ing left but his wife. “I became his world,” said Stod­den. “I just felt like there was a lot of weight on my shoulders.”

Althoguh the breakup was “stress­ful,” Stod­den admits that it’s not going to hold her down because she’s hap­pier than she’s ever been. “I am happy and I am excited. I feel like a lit­tle girl again.”

Hutchi­son has yet to say a word on the end of his mar­riage to Stodden.

What do you think: Would Court­ney Stod­den and Doug Hutchison’s rela­tion­ship have stood a bet­ter a chance if they waited till she was older to get married?


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