How Dina Ruiz is Getting Rid of Her Ex-Husband, Clint Eastwood, for Good

Dina Ruiz separated from Clint EastwoodDina Ruiz, 48, sep­a­rated from her famous older hus­band, 83-year-old Clint East­wood, only to find out after­ward that she had been replaced by another younger woman—Eastwood is now report­edly dat­ing Ruiz’s ex-boyfriend’s ex-wife, Erica Tomlinson-Fisher.

The celebrity couple’s mar­riage seemed to be headed toward a divorce when Ruiz filed for a legal sep­a­ra­tion. Although she changed her mind two days later and requested a dis­missal, she’s found a new way to per­ma­nently rid her life of her husband’s “neg­a­tive energy.” Ruiz report­edly spent hun­dreds of dol­lars on heal­ing crys­tals, incense, and other meta­phys­i­cally pow­er­ful tools for heal­ing and cleans­ing. Her plan is to use them to clear the bad aura in the celebrity couple’s Palm Springs prop­erty, where East­wood recently stayed with his new sugar baby.

Ruiz ini­tially insisted that her split from East­wood had been ami­ca­ble, but she later admit­ted that it upset her to see that he had moved on with Tomlinson-Fisher. While pick­ing out her crys­tal reme­dies, Eastwood’s estranged wife was over­heard say­ing that she was still in love with him and that this whole breakup felt “unreal and heartbreaking.”

This leaves us won­der­ing, did she retract her appli­ca­tion for a legal sep­a­ra­tion because she wants to fix their mar­riage, or because she doesn’t want to give his new sugar baby a shot at his fortune?


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