How Do I Convince My Sugar Daddy to Do Some Manscaping Down There?

dating_a_sugar_daddy_july26_13QUESTION: My boyfriend is 26 years older than me and the sex has always been amaz­ing, except for one thing. I know he likes for me to have hair down there, but I think it’s gross, so I usu­ally wax it off. I’d really like for him to shave his man parts too, but he always refuses because he thinks it isn’t “manly.” All I’m ask­ing for is a lit­tle grooming—how do I con­vince him that it’s per­fectly nor­mal for guys to do a bit of man­scap­ing these days?

CHELSEA SAYS: Are you going to grow a bush for your sugar daddy if he asks you to, even though you per­son­ally don’t like it? If not, then why should he shave for you? You’ve got to give a lit­tle to get a little.

Man­scap­ing is a pretty new trend. Your sugar daddy sounds like the more tra­di­tional type, in that he’s got a pretty clear idea about what is and isn’t accept­able for men. He’s prob­a­bly pretty set in his ways, so he’s not going to be very recep­tive to some­thing that chal­lenges those tra­di­tional ideas—the same way that, as a young woman, you’re not going to be open to stay­ing home to cook and clean for him just because you’re a woman.

Let’s go back to giv­ing and get­ting. Try a com­pro­mise. If your sugar daddy wants a bush, leave a land­ing strip for him instead of going com­pletely bare, but on the con­di­tion that he does the same—you each get the best of both worlds.

You can also try good old fash­ioned bribery and reward your sugar daddy for his good behav­ior. Tell him that if he agrees to get rid of his bush, you’ll repay the favor by giv­ing the area a lit­tle more oral atten­tion. Don’t for­get to add that you’ll be able to do a much bet­ter “job” with­out hav­ing to work around the hair, so it’ll be an even more plea­sur­able expe­ri­ence for him. If you give your sugar daddy an added incen­tive, it’s going to be that much harder for him to resist. You just have to know how to make it worth his while.

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    Tell him to read the first post in The Balls Mono­logues, where DirkJo­han­son preaches that shav­ing balls is prob­a­bly the most impor­tant thing a guy can do to improve his sex life.