How Do I Respond to My Sugar Daddy’s Naughty Texts?

QUESTION: My boyfriend sends me naughty mes­sages all the time (texts and pic­tures). I usu­ally just send back a happy face because I don’t know how else to respond. I know he prob­a­bly expects some­thing naughty back, but I’ve just never known how to respond. Help!

CHELSEA SAYS: Assum­ing you and your boyfriend are already sleep­ing together, a lit­tle mobile lov­ing is per­fectly accept­able. For your mes­sages, keep it sim­ple and have fun with it. You don’t need to sound like a hard­core porn star to show your boyfriend that you’re think­ing about him in that way. Talk about how you really feel and build the antic­i­pa­tion for your next romp in the sack—tell him what you’re look­ing for­ward to the next time you’re together, what you’d like to do to him, and how good he makes you feel when you do it. Com­pli­ment him; make him feel like he’s the man—that’s pretty much what he’s look­ing for, any­ways. Talk about how much you love his body, maybe men­tion cer­tain parts of his body (if you catch my drift), and tell him that the thought of see­ing him again makes you writhe with anticipation.

If you want to send your boyfriend a naughty pic­ture, but aren’t com­fort­able show­ing your face, show him only cer­tain parts, like a pic­ture of your puck­ered lips, a hint of the lacy bra you have on, or the sexy red stilet­tos you’re rock­ing. A lot of phones have the option to send voice clips, too. Sur­prise him by send­ing him one ran­domly in the mid­dle of the day—it’ll really get him going. You just have to decide what you’re com­fort­able doing.

On that note, if you’re uncom­fort­able with the whole idea, then you need to tell your boyfriend, and he should respect that. Also, make sure you trust him enough to know that he won’t go spread­ing your busi­ness to all of his bud­dies. If he’s a mature man, you shouldn’t have to worry as much about being dis­creet, but still, always trust your gut instincts.