How Donald Trump’s Ex-Sugar Baby Is Still Making Money Off Their Failed Marriage

Sugar Daddy Donald Trump and Sugar Baby Marla MaplesActress Marla Maples was the young woman whose affair with Don­ald Trump broke up his mar­riage to his first wife, Ivana. Although Trump ended up mar­ry­ing Maples, who was 17 years younger, their mar­riage ended six years later. Maples recently broke her silence on the affair scan­dal, and sur­pris­ingly, revealed in an inter­view with Oprah Win­frey that she was still in love with her famous ex-husband, even though he’s since moved on with his third wife, Mela­nia Knauss.

Maples also con­fessed that, hav­ing been mar­ried to a very, very rich man, Trump took care of many of the finan­cial costs for their one daugh­ter, Tiffany, includ­ing pro­vid­ing money for school and other essen­tials. But it looks like the money may be start­ing to run out because Maples has found a new way to make money from her mar­riage to Trump.

The now-50-year-old celebrity is going to be auc­tion­ing off every­thing she still has from her rela­tion­ship with Trump. She’s sell­ing every­thing from wed­ding gifts and fur­ni­ture to clothes she owned while mar­ried to Trump and a paint­ing by their daugh­ter when she was five. Other notable items in the auc­tion include a vin­tage bot­tle of wine esti­mated to be worth up to $5,000, opu­lent acces­sories from the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, and a brass clock worth around $700.00.

No one really knows if Maples is auc­tion­ing off the per­sonal items to make a lit­tle extra money, or to flush Trump out of her life for good. In any case, a por­tion of the money earned is expected to be donated to San Diego’s Brain Can­cer Research Insti­tute. The rest of the money will prob­a­bly go straight into Maples’ pocket.

What do you think: Do you think she’s hold­ing this auc­tion for money or to move on?


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