How I Always Get Treated Like a Princess by My Older Man and How You Can Too – Part 1

One day not long after we met, my prince called me and asked me if I wanted to go for a drive by the lake the fol­low­ing evening. I always admired his politeness—he would plan in advance and never make me feel oblig­ated to come right away. I agreed, partly because I love long dri­ves, the music play­ing, the relax­ation, to sit back and just be chauf­feured, and also because it was nice to get away. It felt like a mini-getaway for a few hours.

The fol­low­ing evening, I got ready and left to meet him. He had already bought my steeped tea with a white choco­late macadamia nut cookie. He had his black cof­fee, no milk just one sugar. He held the door open, and I sat inside his car. It felt good already; my heart always beat a lit­tle dance and my smile was like the Cheshire Cat when­ever we met. He always made me feel good, and each meet­ing was bet­ter than the last. He moved his arm to the back of the seat and pulled out a dozen pink roses. He had a bou­quet for me each time we met.

Pink roses for my pink princess.”

His words were always beautiful—always made me feel like I was trans­ported into the world of Shake­speare or a scene out of a clas­sic novel.

I smiled and tilted my head back as he drove out to the lake.

We reached it in no time; the lake was beau­ti­ful, the evening sky was an orange fire.

Close your eyes my princess; I have some­thing to show you.”

I laughed, it was prob­a­bly another bunch of pink roses to tease me.

Open them.”

I opened them, and in front of me, he was hold­ing the most beau­ti­ful book I had even seen. It was gold and cov­ered with pink “Swarovski” crys­tals. The edg­ing was adorned with pink and gold crys­tals, and attached to the book was a foun­tain pen adorned with the same pat­tern. It was a beau­ti­ful piece of art, truly fit for royalty.

Oh my gosh, this book is beautiful.”


I opened it, and inside was…

To Be Continued…



  • someper­spec­tive­please

    Pink roses for my pink princess” … yeah, as if shake­speare could dream that up …