How I Always Get Treated Like a Princess by My Older Man and How You Can Too – Part 2

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I opened it, and inside was a pic­ture of a cas­tle, and on top of the cas­tle it said, “Princess dreams really do come true!”

I gasped and turned the page. The page had a pic­ture of a girl with flow­ing dark hair, like mine, and next to it, it said, “My princess.” A pink bal­loon floated above her, and inside the bal­loon was the cap­tion, “I am a princess.” All around her were pink roses, pink hearts, and pink but­ter­flies. I turned the next page, and on one side was the same girl with flow­ing dark hair, only this time, it was pulled back and she had trousers on and a but­toned shirt. She looked quite ordi­nary and appeared to be solemn look­ing. But on the next page was the same girl—her hair flow­ing, her smile huge, and she had heels on, a pretty flow­ing dress, and was car­ry­ing a pretty purse. The next page saw the solemn girl again, sit­ting beside a desk, and the oppo­site page saw the happy girl shop­ping at a bou­tique. I kept turn­ing the pages, each page was telling me a story, one page was the solemn girl dri­ving a car that showed a flat tire, but the next page showed her dri­ving an “Escalade.” Another page showed her doing her hair her­self, and the next showed her at a salon, get­ting her nails done. As I kept turn­ing the pages, it seemed my life was on one side and my fan­tasy life on the other. I was quiet, and I could tell my prince was observ­ing my every reaction.

What do you think?” he asked

What can I say? This is unreal,” I said.

I will make you a princess, minute-by-minute, day-by-day. I want you to be happy just like you make me; you make me feel young again. So it is only right I make you feel what you want to feel like—a princess.”

I kept turn­ing the pages—each page a story. One side, a gloomy day with snow and hail, and the next, a beach with sun and sand. I laughed.

So you plan to take me on hol­i­day somewhere?”

Of course. Remem­ber you told me you always wanted to go to Hawaii—we will go there, too.”

Oh my gosh, I did say that, and he remembered—wow, I said that on our sec­ond meeting.

I turned the page and there was an estate home, com­plete with huge gates and foun­tains, and under­neath it read, “My princess’ cas­tle.” And the fol­low­ing page said, “Come embark on this princess path with me. The rest will fall into place…”

I smiled a huge smile. It was as if all I ever wanted was being laid out before me.

My prince turned to me.

I know it is early days, maybe way too early, but I wanted to show you how I feel, and what I think you are feeling…”

And then he pulled an enve­lope from his pocket and told me to open it. I was shak­ing and could not con­trol it—I opened the enve­lope and inside was a reser­va­tion for a day at the spa: “Your princess jour­ney starts as of now.” I put my hands to my face—I had never been to the spa, could not remem­ber when I had my hair done, even. It was always about the kids or my hus­band, the house, the bills.

I am going to make sure each moment you spend with me is life-changing and mem­o­rable. Every page in that book will come true, and I will make sure it will.”

I knew then and there that this was a life-changing moment, and I could feel it. For once, some­one was actu­ally car­ing about me and my hap­pi­ness. I was flab­ber­gasted, but happy.

This is what I had dreamed about, and yes, maybe God had answered my prayers. Maybe it was partly my hard work pay­ing off.

Ladies, find­ing our own hap­pi­ness can be one of our great­est chal­lenges.  By nature, women are nur­tur­ers.  It’s not hard for some of us to fall into a trap where we do every­thing for every­one else and noth­ing for our­selves.  But if we spend all our time mak­ing every­one else happy, shouldn’t we have some­one in our lives to do the same for us?  It was hard work to rec­og­nize I was worth some­thing more and that I deserved to be happy, but I did it.

And when I fig­ured it out, I didn’t ignore it.  I acted on it.  I left the door open for some­one who wanted to make me as happy as I deserved to be because there’s a big dif­fer­ence between leav­ing a rela­tion­ship for another one just like it, and leav­ing a rela­tion­ship for another one that’s 1000% bet­ter.  I wanted one that was 1001% better.

Want to earn the neck­lace too?  First step is just real­iz­ing that you deserve it—you deserve to be treated like a princess by a real gen­tle­man.  And ladies, there are still men out there that know how to treat us like princesses.  Some­times they just hap­pen to be older, wealth­ier men.